Thursday, May 5, 2016

I confess.....

Linking up with the lovely ladies who are keeping the confess-seshs going... Lynn and Danielle!

** This is kind of TMI, but talking about it might help someone else, so..... I ordered some organic deodorant yesterday. I have always worn "prescription strength" deodorant and have even given thought to getting botox in my underarms. #sweatlikeaman Anyways, a league friend of mine was telling me about Piperwai and how she really liked it! I am ALL ABOUT an organic product, but you have to put it on with your finger, and I am totally weirded out by that haha! Totally cool with getting some botulinum in my underarms, but weirded out that I'm going to have to use my finger. 

** Last night I had hummus + crackers and birthday cake and wine for dinner.....but let me tell you WHY that was my dinner...

** I couldn't find my keys!!! Where I am taking my real estate classes and where our house is, is about 40 minutes apart. I pulled into our driveway about 10:38 last night. I was on the phone with my mom and I was digging thought my purse and I couldn't find them. I told her to hang on and I started to dig more frantically. After about 5 minutes and a whole lot of cuss words, I pulled out of our driveway and headed to my parents house. 

Wait, why did you go to your parents? Isn't Steven home?

Nope, Steven is on a business trip this week. Y'all, I was SO TORE UP. My mom waited up for me (we live about 15 minutes apart) and we got to talking about my class and the houses she photographed yesterday, etc. etc. etc. Before I knew it, it was 11:20 and I was starving but I was also tired! So I grabbed the first thing out of the fridge and the cake beside the wine. Not going to was really good haha!

Have you found your keys?

Yes, I found them this morning. They were in my pure the WHOLE TIME. Just hidden in the side pocket under two bracelets and some papers. 

** Just call me Conductor LB, cause I am driving the Hot Mess Express! Choo Choo! 

** I found myself feeling oddly jealous when I watched a friends pregnancy announcement video on FB the other day. We're not even really "friends", she was my cousins sorority sister/roommate in college and I haven't seen her in several years. I am SO NOT ready for a baby, but just a little part of me was like "maybe you are". The desire for a BMW convertible is still currently outweighing parenthood right now though....but I'll just leave that though there. Although, after reading the things I just confessed about, it definitely confirms that I'm not ready to parent! Hahaha!

** Confess-shes over! 

PS - Don't forget to read yesterdays post about an upcoming GIVEAWAY!!!!!


  1. The purse/keys dilemma is soo something that I would do! Sorry it happened!

  2. That sounds like an amazing dinner. Love cake and wine together. I am so glad you found your keys though. That is the worst. Thanks for linking up!

  3. Oh man, I hate that panicking feeling of not being able to find your keys. I'm constantly worried I will lock mine in my car when Mark is gone. My family doesn't live here so I would be screwed! lol :)

  4. Girl, I lose my keys ALL the time, and they're always in the most obvious of places. It definitely calls for cake and wine!

  5. The amount of times I have "lost" my keys is uncanny lady. Give me all the cake for dinner nom nom nom. My first question thought was is cornflake ok? was she scared? did she think she was abandoned? ok so more than one question.