Thursday, May 26, 2016


You know the drill....confess, grab the button and link up with Danielle and Lynn

** I cannot believe that I am about to "admit" this.....but I did not drink any wine yesterday for National Wine Day! Mic drop.
Tis true ladies, I was so tired when I got home from class last night, that I just crawled in bed and National Wine Day was over. Don't worry, I'll make up for it tonight :) But because a post isn't a post without a picture, here is a picture of Rose  + the Atlanta skyline! Yes I took the photo, no it is not edited! The sky was that blue!!!

** I am deathly afraid of getting cut by my razor. Not on my legs, but on my hands, well more like my fingers. Steven usually changes my razor blades for me, but I had to do this morning and I felt like I was performing surgery. THEN, to make matters worse, I dropped my razor in the shower, the blade came off the body of the razor and I had to put it on....without my contacts in. It probably would have made for a good SNL skit haha! Weird right?

** Who remembers the Lilly for Target collab last year? I dramatically called it Pink Sunday and you can read my Target re-cap HERE. I scored the Boom Boom Jumpsuit and I have only worn it twice....
via Pinterest via Poshmark
I feel like a giant walking palm tree when I've got it on. So....I am thinking about turning it into a romper? What are everyone's thoughts on that? This is not necessarily a confession, but just a thought that I want to put out there.  

** Lastly, I confess that I have been playing a little too much Mahjong Titans during work. I like to justify that its a "memory game" and that it will help my brain power, but in all reality I am just killing time and I like to see the fireworks go off at the end when I've won. Either I am a dork, weird or just getting old haha! Perhaps an equal combination of all three! 

** Confessional over!


  1. Confession... I didn't even REALIZE that yesterday was national wine day until this morning when everyone was talking about it. Sigh... fortunately for me, EVERY day is national wine day and I'm sure I'll have a glass tonight. :o)

  2. I would definitely turn it into a romper. I think it would be so cute that way. I am afraid that I will slice my fingers on the razor blades too. I cringe when I have to touch the blades.