Monday, April 20, 2015

Pink Sunday

Wha wha whats that noise? Your alarm silly! Time to get some Lilly! No one will be in Bethlehem, hits snooze. 


I get up this time around.

Should I wear my navy shift? Show I'm a true Lilly girl? What will others be wearing? Will this turn into a damn fashion show?

I opt for yoga pants, oversized t-shirt, raincoat and crossbody, that way if there are sorostitutes, they will be nicer to me if I look like one of them.

Kiss Steven bye.

This could be the last time he sees me. We all know this could be dangerous. Or the next time he sees me I could be in orange from cat fighting over a Posey maxi.

On the 15 minute ride over, I start to freak out, what if the line is backed up? What if everyone in Athens has the same idea as me and comes to this Target. Shit.

Begins to speed. 

Whew! Sigh of relief when I pull into the parking lot. Not too many people. 
I leave my juice of life in the car, as I will need both hands, and I join the others in line. All the ladies make small talk with each other. We're talking about what we want and luckily no one has the same strategy as me.


Is that I red shirt I see?????

Are they doing what I think they're doing? Opening the doors??? Yes!

Everyone starts cheering like UGA just scored a touchdown! Myself included. 

Ok, walk patiently, be a lady. I see the Lilly display and that walk turns into a sprint. 

Screw being a lady! GIMME THAT DRESS!

Wha What? Where is Posey Maxi? Where is my Pineapple top? Holy shit this rack is almost empty!

I grab what I can get my hands on as this has turned into the first round of the hunger games and I am like Katiniss watching all the madness then finally making my move!

I snatch a shirt and dress then I run to the scarves.

Damnit, this is all that is left? 

I grab it anyway. And a phone case too for good measure.

Dare I go to homegoods? Steven won't drink out of pink glasses. Do we need that hammock? Plates? Giraffe drink stirrers? No.

The dressing room was slightly chaotic. Those who were late to the games and were crying over the empty racks were waiting like hyenas to pounce on items that didn't fit.

This dress fits! And it is the pattern I want! HALLELUIAH! Seriously? $40 for this tunic? That looks like something a 70 year old woman would wear? Lilly put their name on this? This is shit. 

I walk out of the dressing room, clutching that dress for dear life. I was praying that I wasn't going to have to get gangster on anyone, I mean I am from Monroe and I learned a lot from "the horseshoe". Bahahaha.

I hear they have makeup bags! Over to the cosmetics I go!

I started snatching bags out of the boxes and handing them to other ladies. I myself was trying to find two matching Giraffeey bags. Success!

Are you really leaving here with just a dress, scarf and makeup bags?? HELL NO YOU'RE NOT. 

My instincts took over and I joined the other hyenas at the dressing room, ready to scoop up whatever was in my size!

The Target associates looked fearful. Never had the experienced anything like this. I am sure that they will be scarred for the next few days, as I myself are trying to get over this Lilly hangover. Luckily one associate got things in order - as much as they could be - and it began.

I was screaming for anything in a medium! Each time she brought out an item, I screamed for it, which seemed to work as I wound up with a Boom Boom Jumpsuit!

The yelling though apparently pissed off the sorostitutes in front of me, as this one girl straight up GAVE AWAY this pair of shorts that I told her I wanted to another lady. Said sorostitute even said to her follow 'tutes that she did not have the money for all of items in her cart.

You're an idiot and I am now immediately judging you and your letters.

A few minutes later, the chaos died down, and I decided it was time to go home. I stopped in the kids section and got something for my niece's birthday and I checked out.

My friend Mackenzie called me and we swapped war stories! Her Target trip was a little more violent as she actually had blood drawn! Somehow she managed to gouge open her finger.....or did she? Was that someones secret weapon? Gougeing fingers to get to items. Sneaky Sneaky.

When I got in my car I felt like a HERO! Yes, I actually got ONE item that I wanted! However, throughout the day, the novelty wore off, and I realized how completely stupid and neurotic all of this was. I mean practically fighting other women over "not really Lilly".

Now this doesn't mean I won't be rocking that jumpsuit or dress like a boss, this just means that unless Target pairs up with Louis Vuitton, I am NEVER doing a Target collab again.

I had joined a Lilly for Target group on Facebook to see if I could get my hands on that romper. This morning, I left the group. I decided rather than seeing items I wanted, or scoffing at what other women were trying to sell items for, I decided to concentrate on the great items that I got my hands on!
And apparently this good "Lilly Karma" came to me because I landed a Lilly cotton dress in Nice Tail at TJ Maxx last night for $50!

And that ladies, was #pinksunday.


  1. I literally was rolling on my side laughing at this. Aren't people nuts!!! I heard Targets website crashed too. So happy you found a cute Lilly dress at good ole TJ Maxx. You're rocking out pretty lady!!!

  2. Holy moly! I've never done one of these collab sales or Black Friday... There certainly was a bunch if stuff I would have loved but, I'm way too lazy to get up & go! Lol! You got some cute stuff though!!

  3. 😂😂😂. Love it ❤️❤️❤️! #lillyfortarget

  4. #jealous! didn't get anything. but i didn't try. wasn't up for the blood bath on a sunday morning. I went to church. :)

  5. this is definitely hunger games-ish. i saw some news articles about the whole thing! lol.