Friday, April 17, 2015

Five Friday Favorites!

Hey Pretty People!!! It's Fri-yay which means I am two days closer to getting my hands on the Lilly Pulitzer for Target collaboration! I will be "that" girl who is at my local Target standing in line waiting for them to open the doors. No lie...I dreamt about it last night. There are two Targets that are about 12 miles apart, I plan on going to the one on 316, verses the one all the way in Athens, but in my dream I went to the 316 one and was cussing because they only had one rack of Lilly P items.

I hope this is not foreshadowing haha!

1) I found out that a few items that are in the "lookbook" are online only - rats! So my plan is to wake up about 1am and order what I want online - this white kimono!

This will be fabulous on our honeymoon!!! The shift dress I was eyeing is online only and I have read that you need to go up a size with the dresses, so I am opting for this one instead, which will be in store and I can try it on. I've got a precious pink pineapple belt that I think would be the perfect accent!
I'm also hoping to pick up the romper, yellow pineapple tank (hello perfect pairing with white jeans!) and whatever fun colorful scarf I can get my hands on!

Please click HERE to read an informative blog post about the Lilly collection! Also, if you are watching you pennies, there is also an amount calculator so you can view how much you'll spend before purchasing!

Moving on.

2) Let's talk about food!

I used the Kroger shopping app this week to base our dinner menu. I was able to save $12.30! Granted, that is not a lot of savings in one week, but over time it is! And hello fuel points! Monday we had a great pasta dish, Tuesday we had salmon in foil and last night I made a spicy creamy chicken - oh so good!
Creamy Chicken 

I had originally planned on making zucchini boats one night, but when I found the creamy chicken recipe to make instead, I knew I needed to do something with them before they went bad. Enter zucchini chips and fresh roasted veggies. Blogger fail on my part to not take a picture of the chips, but they aren't very photogenic, however they were quite tasty! Blogger win on my part for how colorful these veggies look in the pan!

3)I sent this to the mister yesterday.

 I am very luck that Steven has a good sense of humor and can appreciate funny cards like this! 

4) John Krasinksi in fringe on Lip Sync Battle....'nough said.

5) Tomorrow we are playing in the 2nd Annual Barstool Classic for Cancer Auxiliary! We'll be putting our way through downtown Athens with some good friends all while raising money for local cancer organizations! The tourney ends at one of our favorite places for (cheap) tacos! I mean who doesn't love to eat tacos and finish the day with $6 30oz margaritas?!?

And that friends, are my five friday favorites! Share your Friday Five with the lovely April, Christina, Darcy and Natasha!

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  1. You made me hungry, you made me laugh and you made me proud for your cancer fund raising efforts. I am a skin cancer survivor and work for a hospital. There must be a cure someday and raising funds is so important!!! Have a glorious weekend beautiful Laura Beth!!!! xox