Thursday, April 16, 2015

Things that scare me

I can't remember where I saw this blog prompt last week, but I thought it was good and wanted to share with y'all the things that scare me. The list is no particular order.....
via playbuzz

lost luggage 

Ghost Hunters in the dark


the closing of Target

loud car noises

wine shortage

something preventing Magic Mike 2 from hitting theaters

cocoa bean drought

un-airbrushed pictures of V.S. models

getting caught in the rain in a white shirt

full head of grey hair

the death of Olivia Pope

no more gel manicures

getting blocked from Instagram

loss of wheat to make pasta with

red lipstick becoming illegal

People who don't get sarcasm ;)

What scares you????


  1. I AM SO SCARED OF SNAKES! UGH! They give me the willies! BLECH!

  2. First of all, I'd be really upset if Olivia Pope ever dies. I did NOT get to watch last night's scandal yet though. That's on the agenda for tonight. We'll have to catch up after. I'm scared of there being no more bacon in the world. I'm also scared of being in a room of middle schoolers alone for an entire school day (I don't know how teachers do it.) LOL.