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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

When You Have Nothing To Blog About

Hey y'all! I have been slacking in the blog department these days, and I apologize! When your brain is divided (and not equally mind you) in between school, keeping the house running and your husband, the creative juices just don't flow. However..... Cornflake is still cute as EVER, cooking vegetarian isn't nearly as BAD (or hard) as I was thinking it would be and my husband is pretty much the BEST PERSON on the planet for supporting me through school right now!

We're headed to the lake and then the cabin this weekend! Looking forward to relaxing, getting some sun and studying! WOOF. All worth it in the end right?? Full re-cap of #caudellsgoveggie next week, oh and that GIVEAWAY I mentioned, it's coming too! I promise! Tah Tah for now friends :)


  1. Have fun at the lake and cabin this weekend!!! Relaxing by the lake sounds so good right now, enjoy!!

  2. WOW, looking forward to hearing more about the veggie life. Have fun this weekend!

  3. I love a good Cornflake post. Have fun this weekend I may have all new floors by then lol.

  4. I came across your blog from a link-up and was so excited to see your blogging from Athens! I moved away about a year ago; it is such a fun town! Your weekend sounds great; cheers for get-aways!