Monday, May 2, 2016

30th Birthday Weekend!

I'm officially 30. I was fully expecting to wake up and suddenly feel wiser on Friday morning, but I don't haha! I don't "have it together" and I might not ever "get it together", but that is ok. #hotmessexpress for life! But no one is concerned about how wise I am, let's get down to re-capping the birthday weekend!

Thursday evening, my study buddy helped me get through some homework while we waited for Steven to get home from guys night. The beer you see in the picture is Jeykll Brewing, Hop Dang Diggity Pineapple Habanero is just "ok". We REALLY love Ballast Point Habanero Sculpin, but its $16.99 a six pack, so we thought we would try the Jeykll to see if compared....well it pails in comparison. So basically I'm telling you not to buy it haha! Save your $8.99 for something else :)

We got up early on Friday morning, threw a few more items in our bags and off to the lake we went! We made a pit stop at Kroger for some adult beverages, the craft beer market really hasn't hit the Lake Hartwell area just yet. While loading the cooler, Steven accidentally punctured a can with the ice. I started off my birthday weekend by "shotgunning" a beer in the parking lot. Just call me classy haha!

Ashley, Mickie and Mackenzie came up on Friday and my parents were already there. The weather was perfect and we enjoyed an afternoon of sunning and boat riding! is where it gets "boring" and I OFFICIALLY know that I am old... I went to bed on Friday night at 9:00. Yes folks, you are reading that correctly, I went to bed at 9:00 on my 30th birthday. #notashamed
In case anyone was wondering if I liked monograms....


The next morning we got up, went to breakfast and came back to soak up the sun while it was still out! We had a mid-afternoon thunderstorm that lasted about two hours. During this time, we got cleaned up and Josh and Amanda arrived! Mother Nature just KNEW that we needed a booze cruise, so she let up on the rain around 7 o'clock!

My mom cooked a feast for dinner!!! We had ribs, chicken, slaw, potatoes and salad! Mmmmm, still thinking about those ribs! I sadly don't have a picture of my birthday cake, but it was a pink pound cake with dark pink icing and sparkle candles!! Originally I thought about buying my own birthday cake, but I turned the reigns over to my mom and I'm glad I did.....My Nanny made a pound cake for my 1st birthday, so my mom made the same recipe for my 30th.

Sunday morning we had coffee, nibbled a little bit of cake and said our goodbyes. While I was really sad to say goodbye to my sweet friends and leave the lake, it was the best weekend that I have had since my bachelorette party! Seriously, it was everything that I could have asked for and then some!

A BIG THANK YOU to my awesome parents, husband and sweet friends for helping me celebrate!  

PS....Notice the new look around here?!?!? I have been working with the oh-so talented Rachel Cox of Oh Simple Joys to give GG a facelift! Not only do I LOVE my design, she rolled out the new design today for the "start" of a new era! She gets my FULL blog re-design recommendation :)


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! It sounds like it was a great one! Also, I LOVE your new blog design. Seriously, so cute!! :)

  2. Did I say Happy Birthday? I feel awful if I didn't. And your weekend looked lovely!

  3. Happy 30th!! And EEEEK I love the new blog design! It looks fabulous!