Thursday, April 28, 2016

Confessional Thursday!

Keeping the confess-sesh's going 'cause its good for the soul ;) 

** Well, I've got two real estate classes under my belt. I'm not running for the hills just yet, but one thing is for sure, I've got to brush up on my study skills. It has been seven years since I graduated college. and about 7.15 years since I cracked a textbook. If any of you have studied recently for classes, send me your study tips! I bought some flash cards and pink and purple highlighters last night... 
How Cornflake feels about studying....

** We're headed to the lake this weekend to celebrate my birthday! Now that my birthday is just one day away, I am kind of freaking out. I don't want a big deal to be made about it, I just want some cake, some sangria and maybe a million dollars! Steven gave me my birthday present last weekend! I've yet to take a picture of it, and I should because he gave me "the quintessential blogger" tote, A BARRINGTON! Maybe I'll do an IG picture of it later!

** Y'all the power of prayer works! A few weeks back I asked y'all to pray for my Big's husband. Karl is battling his 3rd round of Leukemia. Well, they got some good/positive news this looks like the trial is working! At the beginning of the year, they ventured out to M.D. Anderson in Houston and Karl qualified for a new trial! Since there was some improvement, they have been able to return to Georgia and he will begin the second round of the trial at Northside Hospital. PLEASE keep praying for this sweet family! 

** I can't stop eating Sargento cheddar cheese sticks and hot okra pickles. I would be super embarrassed if I had to get blood work right now......they would tell me that I have CoffPickChee All this girl needs! 

** I've yet to run one time since finding out that I got in for the Peachtree Road Race. Earlier today I received an email from a local running group about a Tuesday night brew meet up, run 3 miles then head to Creature Comforts. Motivation....FOUND! Heck, I might even get my husband to go running for that haha!

**Confess-sesh over :)


  1. Wow, that running night sounds amazing! I would totally come with you if I lived there lol :)

  2. Happy birthday! What a lovely weekend you have planned. Confesh: I had never even heard of pickled okra before marrying my Texan of a husby ;)

  3. Sounds like my favorite kinds of food. I have obscene amounts of coffee in me as well. And gummy bears. No shame.

  4. Hope you have an amazing birthday and weekend at the lake!