Monday, April 18, 2016


Lingerie Shower + Bridesmaids Dresses + Leftover Quinoa + Lounging!!! 

I couldn't fit all of that into the post title, but that was my weekend!! The weekends festivities started off Friday nigh with a lingerie shower for my cousin Celena. Her wedding is this weekend and all of the ladies in our family got together to shower her with presents! 
I left my aunt's house around 9:30, and everyone was STILL having good time! My mom said that she didn't leave until around 10:45!! After I got home, Steven and I attempted to finish a movie that we started on Thursday night, but I am pretty sure I fell asleep in the first 30 minutes. Steven drug me to bed, where I proceeded to toss and turn all.night.long. When my alarm went off at 7:15 the next morning....momma wasn't a happy camper! 

Who gets up at 7:15 on a Saturday??? I do when it comes to bridesmaids dress shopping! I begrudgingly got up, made coffee, let out a "praise the lawd" that my mentally thrown together outfit actually looked good on then got ready quickly so that we could make our 10am appointment at Bella Bridesmaids!
I'm halfway to Atlanta and one of the main thoroughfares was closed! Literally there was no warning, they weren't talking about it on the radio, nothing. So this little closing made us about 15 minutes late for our appointment. Once we arrived, we had MAJOR dress success! Tara is thinking sequins for the dresses and I tried on about 15 dresses. She narrowed it down to three, but I must say that my favorite has to be Jenny Yoo. Has anyone ever worn that designer before?
After Bella, we stopped by the salon where Tara's #1 dress pick is so that I could see it and get a feel for which bridesmaids dress would look the best. Her dress pick is absolutely GORGEOUS and the color of the silk reminds me a lot of the color of my dress, so of course I am a fan! It was lunchtime when we left the salon so we headed over to True Food at Lenox.

I headed home shortly after lunch, made a stop at the grocery to get dinner for Steven and I, then I spent the first part of my evening catching up on my DVR'ed shows. It was great!!! During this time our steak and pork-chop were marinading and I was thinking of ways to re-invent the quinoa that was in the fridge to eat as our side. I had cooked the quinoa for THIS recipe on Thursday night and there was a lot left over. So what I am came up with can be called cheesy-squash-quinoa?  Maybe? I need someone else to name my recipes haha!
1.5 cups of quinoa (already cooked)
1/4c EVOO (halved)
1/2 squash, diced
1/2 zucchini, diced
Small handful Parmesan cheese
Cream Cheese (I had a block of cc in the fridge and I sliced a little section in the size that is marked on the package.... does that make any sense?)
Minced garlic (to taste)

Preheat oven to 375* and roast squash and zucchini, about 12-15 minutes. While veggies are roasting, add quinoa, one half of the evoo and garlic to the skillet, constantly stirring. Once heated up, add cream cheese and parmesan. After veggies are roasted, add them straight to the mixture with second half of evoo. Sprinkle a little salt and pepper to taste. Voila! Pasta or mashed potatoes would have been better (not going to lie, #givemecarbs) but I am happy to have used up ingredients in our fridge, and it was organic. Wife win!

Once again I fell asleep on the couch.....anyone else seeing a trend.....and Steven drug me to bed. He got up early the next morning to go to a car show in Atlanta with my dad. I put my sleep mask back on and got in some extra zzzz's. Cornflake and I did some reading and lounging after I got up.
As I am sitting here writing this, I wish I could text Cornflake. "Whats up boo boo (her other name)?? You're not laying on the guest bed are you? You know you're not supposed to be in there, even though I left the door open and you're probably sprawled out on it right now."  I am officially the crazy cat lady haha!

That was our weekend friends! How did yours go??


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  1. Love that Jenny Yoo. I am wearing a similar one in a wedding in May. Id text cornflake too.