Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Current 411

Here's what's currently going on......

Reading - No books right this second, but I am reading Self, Shape and InStyle. I should probably toss in Southern Living or Real Simple to complete the Fitness + Fashion + Home trifecta haha! 
Buying - We received our federal tax return back last week, so our plan is to order The Avery sofa from Wayfair! Fingers crossed we aren't stuck with an $800 couch we hate!
Praying - Praying over just a little bit of everything. Within the next week or two my big and her husband find out of the experimental treatment trial he is in for his leukemia is working. If its not, then they will return home to Georgia and figure out the next steps. This is his third battle with leukemia, please keep them in your prayers as well.
Listening -Just to the radio. Listening to Pandora in the car is too hard. Having to hook it up etc etc etc. I really am loving Zac Brown Bands Beautiful Drug right now!
Watching - The Catch on ABC and Game of Silence on NBC 
Devouring - Hot, okra pickles. I can eat an entire jar by myself and I am not ashamed. Also trying to incorporate more veggies and less meat into our diets! Trying two new recipes this week from the Mediterranean Diet Cookbook, so I'll let y'all know how that goes!
Loving - We're moving forward with the Budget Blinds install!!! The house will be "blinded" in about two weeks! WOOOHOOOOOOO. 
Hating - That I am not poolside somewhere with a cabana boy bringing me Banana Mamas!
Wanting, Hoping, Wishing - See above!!!! Hahaha! 
Feeling - Overall pretty good! I've worked out the past two days, so my quads are screaming at me, but other than that, everything is great!
Anticipating -Well y'all I have finally decided what I'm going to do with myself...... 

I start real estate school next Monday!!!!!!!! Over the next 13 weeks, I'll be learning the ins and outs of Georgia MLS, then I will take my test to become a Georgia Realtor! I am not quite sure if I will jump directly into selling houses.... I am approaching this from more of a marketing stand point. My mom, as you know is a home stager by profession. What I don't think I have ever shared is that she also offers real estate marketing, MLS listings, professional photography, stand alone websites and virtual tours. Well I am going to take over the marketing side of her business!!! She has three Realtors that she works for and if it were up to them, she would be shooting six to seven houses a week! So, my plan is to come in and help her with that aspect of the business, while getting my feet wet to real estate! Ekkk! 
Here's to starting a whole new chapter, for the newest chapter of my life....30!


  1. This new chapter of your life sounds so exciting!! Good luck with everything, you're going to do great! Can't wait to see your new couch! And praying for your friends!!

  2. Congrats on your new business venture! That sounds incredible!

    And I will keep your brother-in-law in my prayers. That's just so sad to hear.

  3. We must be on the same wavelength because you did this post and I did a similar one the day after! :) I've been killing it with the magazines for a change. I was having a hard time finding a book I would continuously read. How are the catch and game of silence? I've been searching for a new show to watch and so far nothing has caught my attention. :)