Thursday, April 14, 2016

She Get It From Her Momma

So my mom would probably, actually DIE if she knew that the post I titled about "being like her" is from a Juvenile song, haha, but when the title fits.....

This morning Cornflake had an appointment at the beauty salon AKA nail trim. She protested the whole way there, and when I dropped her off back at home she pouted. The cat can pout. But what got all this started and where the nail trim comes in to play is that in the early morning, our looks really blank without blinds. When you pull out of our driveway, you have to make a u-turn in order to go the other direction. Most of the time I don't pay any attention to our house, but this morning I did and we NEED BLINDS. If aesthetic reasons are not enough, click here to read my (ridiculous) confession about thinking I'm going to see the scream mask or mothman peering in the windows in the middle of the night.

As I was walking into my Junior League meeting on Monday, I got a call back from our local Budget Blinds dealer.... that was Monday and I just now called him back. Long story short, he had a cancellation this afternoon and is going to be able to come out and see our windows, bring me some samples and give us an estimate and timeline for installation! Hallelujah!

So when I returned home to drop off Princess Flake of the Corn, I turned into my mother. I ran around like a chicken with my head cut off for a solid 25 minutes. I should have gone straight to work, but I couldn't. I know that I don't know this blinds guy, but I couldn't DARE let him see my house in a mess. I can let a friend come over and could care less, but someone I don't know, that might judge me....not gonna happen.

My mother is the EXACT same way.

We joke that the apple fell on the trunk of the tree, in stead of "far from it". Since I work for my dad, I hear it all the time that I am "exactly like your mother" or I get an "ok Jackie junior". If you had asked me five or six years ago if I wanted to be like my mother I would have told you no. Not that there is anything wrong with my mom, I just was looking to be my own person, not like my mom and not like my dad, just LB.

Well now, I am like her and I am proud of it.

I care about things that other people might not, but it makes my work better. I care about the details, about the personalization of things. Whether it be a thank-you card, or a floral centerpiece or even photographs, she was worn off on me and I can't complain. Mother's Day is just around the corner and of course I plan to shower her with gifts and affection, but loving and honoring our moms shouldn't be just one day out of the year. It should be all.the.time.

Mom, thank you for everything that you do and everything that you have done for me. Everything that I am, is because of you and I couldn't be more proud to be your daughter! Although the older that I get, I hope that you are ready to put up with "yourself" because with each and every passing day, I become more like you! At least I know that the Budget Blinds guy isn't going to pass judgement on my messy house today! Hahaha! Love you mom! 


Jackie Junior

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  1. That's so sweet! I'm exactly like my mother as well. As a matter of fact, twice this week I've caught myself saying things to my kids and I've been like, "oh lawd, I'm my mother again!" Haha.