Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Spring Fashions According to My iPhone

I haven't bought a piece of clothing since February. Every shopping trip that I've taken recently has been house related, so naturally I am itching for a few, new spring pieces! Being an "adult" my heart leans toward saving for more for the sofa and patio furniture, but that new sofa isn't going to make me look pretty, haha!

As I have been scanning Instagram and clothing emails lately, if there is something I have loved, it got screen-shot!!! The dress, denim shorts and tassel scarf are from three local boutiques: Cheeky Peach, Red Dress Boutique and PlainJane Designs. Aaaannnnddd as luck would have it, we now have a Cloister Collection (like in St. Simons) so I also have full access to Lilly as well :) The only thing missing in Athens is someone who sells Sam Edelman.

I love the causal look of this grey maxi dress from Cheeky Peach, I had one a few years back and I wore it out! That turquoise necklace paired with it is great!

Everyone needs a great pair of denim shorts in the summer! I feel like these from RDB are a little longer and they don't look like the awful mom-jean shorts that were floating around last year!

I will be a S.E. Gigi sandal girl til the day I die, but I just LOVE these orange sandals! Instant pop of color for any outfit!

That off the shoulder Lilly top + white shorts, PERFECTION! We're going home to SSI in April and there is no doubt that this top will be in my bag! "For the Halibut" not only is that one of the catchiest name for a print, but I have been wanting a pair of scalloped shorts and these are too cute!

Give me all the tassels!!!!! I would love nothing more than to snatch up this Rebecca Minkoff tassel clutch, but we also need a sofa, so I'll take the tassels on this scarf to pair with an all white outfit. 

What's on your spring fashion list???


  1. I love those Sam Edelman sandals! I just bought a new black pair but I'm always looking for a way to add a pop of color. :) I just ordered this off the shoulder dress from ASOS. I am all about that off-the-shoulder style.


    I'm also in the need of some new denim shorts.

  2. Those Lilly shorts are fab! I haven't bought much for myself for spring yet, but I've been looking around for inspiration. Gonna have to grab a few things soon!

  3. I do the SAME thing with cute outfits, hahaha.