Wednesday, March 16, 2016

WHW: Paint, Chairs & Mirrors

Hey Y'all! Happy Hump Day! Today I am linking up with Jessi and Jenn for Whats Hap-pinning Wednesday!
During a trip through our local Habitat for Humanity Re-store, my mom came across a TV stand for our den a few months back. Of course, it needed some TLC but it was big enough for our new 55" TV, and the price tag was a whopping $40!! Mom scooped it up and it has been hanging out in my parents garage ever since. We're making an honest effort to decorate our house so it was time to move it in! it is its $40 glory...

Now my question to y'all is, do I paint it? In this picture, the room looks much brighter than it really is. Here's two pictures that were taken last night. There is a lot of dark wood in the room, so I am looking for a way to brighten it up, I just don't know if painting this piece is the right way to do it. 

Both my mother (interior guru) and hairstylist (furniture re-finisher on the side IG: @wewishyouwood) think that the piece should be painted white with a dark wood finish. Steven is also on board with this design idea, me not so much. The cabinet would look very much like this...

Moving on to another decor section of the house where I am not "Indecisive Ingrid" - dining room chairs. 
The former set up looked like this:
The interior guru suggested that I get the fourth wood chair, so that everything matched until I can find slip covers that I like for my parsons chairs. So this morning while our vanity mirrors were getting installed, I grabbed the third chair from the spare bedroom to see what it would look like....
This look with the chairs is much more unified and I totally dig it! I'll be picking up that fourth chair this afternoon :) I know that my table is black, and the chairs are stained, but with a great fabric on the bottoms and the table set, it'll be fabulous!

Lastly, after not having vanity mirrors for the past 2.75 weeks.... WE HAVE MIRRORS! Praise the lawd!

So that's whats hap-pining friends.... Paint? Chairs! and Mirrors!


  1. Hmmm, I love a good wood piece so I'm not help with the tv stand. It will look nice painted I'm sure, but I am all about distressed wood.

    Gorgeous vanity and mirrors.

  2. I think it will look great painted! I am not always great with furniture and painting either, but I think it will brighten your room up nicely! :)