Monday, March 7, 2016

Martinis, Friends and French Toast!

I hadn't even been home 15 minutes on Friday and we were back out the door to Happy Hour!! Instead of Five Points we decided to go to Chops-n-Hops in Watkinsville. The bar was quite crowded, so we opted for a seat on the outdoor patio, but we quickly discovered with the sun going down it was too chilly!

Once we went back inside, a seat opened up at the bar. So we grabbed it and then a few minutes later another seat opened up for Steven. We were seated beside an older couple and after about 20 minutes we struck up a conversation with them!! That conversation turned into an hour long conversation and we ended up switching emails! This couple was absolutely delightful, and they love their wine and beer, just like us :) As we walked out, I told Steven that I hoped we would see them again. Neither of us have grandparents, and while this couple is old enough to be our grandparents, they're probably way cooler haha!

Saturday was spent working around the house and running a few errands. We had our friends Josh and Amanda over that evening to grill out and see the house! They brought Asher with them and he pretty much stole the show all night long! He was cracking us up by pressing his face on the glass in the kitchen.

Sunday was spent much like Saturday!! Yesterday, I ate just like I was going to run a race today haha! Our (my) low-car diet started today so I was all "GIVE ME ALL THE CARBS!" For breakfast I got creative with some biscuits we had left over from Saturday morning. Enter....biscuit french toast.
To serve more than two people...use the following:

(1) Can of Pilsbury Grands Flakey Biscuits
(3) Eggs
Almond Flavoring
Vanilla Flavoring
Powdered Sugar

Wisk eggs, flavorings and cinnamon together in a bowl -- cut cooked biscuits in half and dip in mixture, coating both sides -- place on skillet/griddle and cook for 1-2 minutes on each side and flip twice -- remove, top with powdered sugar and drizzle with syrup! Voila, Biscuit French Toast! If I was a betting woman, I bet this would be delicious with cinnamon rolls!

Lastly, I began my first spray painting project since 4th grade!! The last time I got this serious about spray paint, it was for a solar system project that was displayed in the library. Mine kicked ass haha! So I am channeling my inner bad ass-ery for the headboard!
The first coat is Rustoleum Champagne Mist. I plan to top it with Titanium Silver to give it the goldilverter look I am wanting! There are a few areas where the black is showing through just a little bit and I kind of like it. I am contemplating going back with a little paint thinner and rubbing a few areas to give it a worn look.

Our weekend with a romantic trip to WalMart and a movie from Redbox haha!! I did succeed in finding a plain white bed skirt there for $14.97... Bed skirts are hard to come by these days, so when I saw it, I grabbed it! We rented The Martian, it wasn't the worst movie I've seen lately, nor was it the best...

That friends, was our weekend!


  1. Good luck with the headboard! I love a good project like that! Husby and I are without g-parents as well - I'd totally go for "adopting" a set!

  2. Looks like a fun weekend, the biscuit french toast looks amazing, gimme gimme!!!

    Can't wait to see the headboard, I know it's gonna look amazing.

  3. Oh my gosh, biscuit french toast - I can't!! Biscuits are one of my favorite foods and I can't believe that I've never thought of this! I will definitely be trying this in the near future.

    Lindsay's Sweet World

  4. Those biscuit french toasts look amazing. I love french toast and I am sure my girls would gobble this right up. I can't wait to see the finished product of your headboard!