Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Guest Room Progress!!

Friends, I am SO happy to tell you that our guest room no longer looks like a bomb went off in it.....

....it is now in condition for guests to sleep in it! 

Of course, it still needs a little work, but last night I washed the sheet and I ironed the duvet and bed skirt. Y'all I am not going to like, we need some major fluff!!! The duvet insert we have is just a little tired and it worked with our other duvet cover because it was patterned, but not with this one. Oh and the pillow shams, they're thin, like Olsen twin anorexia thin. BUT I will not let this get me down, this why they make pillow protectors!

In the spirit of working with what I've got, I have found the color scheme that I want to use for this room: 
Gray + Ice Blue + Cranberry. 

For some reason, unbeknownst to me, Steven hates this little pillow haha! I TRIED for over a year to make it "work" on our bed. If he made the bed up, it went in the closet. If I made the bed up, it went on the bed. However, he won out and it now resides on the guest bed. I really like the lamps that we already have, and we've got this great matted picture that his grandfather took in the Outerbanks. Mind you, it needs a new frame, but overall I think the room will come together!

Steven is going to put the fan up when he gets home today. In the second picture, you can see a few of the fan blades, its too small for the room! The fan above was what was in our master bedroom and we replaced it for a white one. In order to make the room feel as "light and airy" as possible, we're going to put it up with the light oak blades facing down.

So in between the new bedding, light fan, awesome accents colors and the headboard....think I can pull it all together?? Thoughts on the color palate?? I purchased white curtains a few months back, I found 96" panels with a trelis pattern for $22 at TJ Maxx, and while I think white would look good, I'm now scared of the pattern.... I would love to hear your thoughts!!! :)


  1. Yay progress!! It looks great! I love the color palette! The ice blue is so pretty and the pops of cranberry will make it feel warm and inviting.

  2. It looks great and I love your color scheme! So calming! I say go for it with the curtains! I'm always nervous to incorporate patterns too, but I end up loving how it looks!

  3. Looove those colors together! I say try the curtains! You could always buy them, try them out, and return them if they don't look right.