Friday, March 4, 2016


I really have nothing to blog about today....

My sweet husband cleaned up the living room last night while I was at Junior League. It no longer looks like the picture below!
Our guest room looks like this.....
....and my "reasoning" behind it is that I don't have a bed skirt yet and I want to spray paint the headboard. The furniture in this room is what Steven had in college and we are planning to buy "grown up" furniture this year, but it could be next month or it could be November for all I know haha! So in order to work with what I've got, the headboard needs to go from black to some sort of metallic. It looks very similar to THIS ONE. Do y'all have any recommendations on the color of paint? Basically I want it to be + silver + pewter. Kind of like these lamps that I bought for our bedroom.
We are kicking off our weekend by doing Happy Hour in Five Points tonight!! I know we'll wind up at The Royal Peasant, its one of our favorites and they have a great beer selection, but an extra dirty Stoli martini has my name written all over it! However, maybe I can talk Steven into The Pine so we can share one of their yummy flatbreads! Either way, I am looking forward to some quality time with my hubby!

I hope that y'all have a FABULOUS weekend! XO!


  1. Oh I love Happy Hour :) Especially on Friday nights. I never want to cook on Friday or any other day of the weekend lol.