Thursday, March 3, 2016

Confessions About Goals and Our House

Confessed while fully believing that Tarek and Christina, Joanna Gaines and Hilary take Xanax everyday in order to deal with "fixer uppers". There is no way they can't not take it.....

** I cried while taking a light back to Home Depot yesterday. The reason I was taking it back was because it was USED and missing parts!! Basically some dishonest asshole took what they needed from the light and then returned it. I was so afraid that the people at the counter would think that I was that THAT asshole who did that! So I asked to speak to a manager about it before I even opened the box. But I wasn't crying over the light, I was crying over the house.... more on that to come. 

** I completed 1.75 out of my five goals from last month. The "1" comes from taking Steven on a date, ".5" comes from saving money for the sofa and ".25" comes from writing wedding thank you notes. If you need a re-cap of the goals click here. I was probably a little crazy to have thought I could accomplish so much in the month that I knew we were moving. However, I am going to set a few more lofty goals this month too, and this where I need YOU to come in.....

**.....Who wants to be my accountability partner for this months goals? I need someone to shoot me and email every 10 days or so and say "Girl you got your sh*t together?" and "What can I do to help?" Annnnnyyyy takers? Bueller....Bueller.....

** This is not a confession, but this month's goals so you can see if you really want to be my accountability partner LOL
     - Meal Prep and Menu Plan - BETTER
     - Join a gym or buy an indoor bike trainer - gotta shape this body up!
     - Organize my personal life (home/volunteering) so that I can better organize my professional life
     - Do whatever it takes to finish the guest bedroom
     - Save the world
     - Write a book
     - You know the usual "stuff"

** Did I already confess that I fell off the coffee creamer wagon? I did with CoffeeMate Natural Bliss and in this morning's cup there is Salted Carmel flavor and its damn good! #notashamed

** For the past four days, there have been workers at our house, along with us trying to move in. Now we're looking at having to be out of our house for 36-48 hours when the stairs get sealed. We only have one functioning shower, and the half bath downstairs is the only one with a mirror behind the sink. There are several switches that do not work, or are reversed, the stove won't fit flush with the counter tops and my garage looks like a bomb went off in it. Y'all I am so fed up with ALL of it. I just want to come home to a quite, clean, organized home where the only people who are there are Cornflake and Steven. My mom wants her life back ( she has been overseeing this project for the past month ) and I want it back for her!!!! I feel guilty for being "over" what is essentially a new house that was given to us for free. I really need to get over myself, but I don't foresee that happening this week. Long story short, be grateful for whatever your parents do for you and think LONG AND HARD about buying a fixer upper. It's not all its cracked up to be one HGTV. Please forgive me for sounding like a spoiled brat.

** Because this is confessional and this is real life, I bring you photos of my messy bedroom. If I can't confess to y'all and show you real life? Then who can I show it to?? Other than the den, this is closest room to being "complete", well other than few paint jobs ;)

Planning on painting these chairs oil rubbed bronze or espresso or perhaps a pewter color?
You can barely see the TV stand, but its an oak finish, we're getting it painted black to match everything.


  1. Oh man, you've got this lady. Soon it will all be over and you'll be in your fabulous home. I'll be your accountability partner if you want. Just tell me what you want me to do!

  2. Oh no, that is so horrible about what happened at Home Depot... the same thing happened to me before one time with a ceiling fan! It was totally missing parts when I bought it and I just know those people were probably thinking that it was me who had taken the parts. Ugh.

  3. P.S. LOVING the look of your blog! I love me some Georgia and I love me some gold glitter!!

  4. Haha I can help keep you accountable! :) You got this! Take on one thing at a time though ad give yourself grace. This has been a super busy month for you!