Tuesday, March 29, 2016

But, I've Got A Blank Space Baby

....and I'll hang your towel?

Ok, so not quite as charming as T-Swifts version, but seriously my bathroom is a blank space. A neutral blank space and for the life of me I cannot decorate it. I stare at it daily and WISH so desperately it looked like "something".

Before we even moved in to #casacaudell, Steven had bought all of the accessories (shower curtain/rugs/soap dispenser etc etc) for his bathroom. Everything is white and wood, its completely neutral and he loves it. I do too, but I don't want my bathroom to look EXACTLY like his. Truth be told, I don't even know what I want my bathroom to look like. Why is the bathroom even torturing me? I'll be the only to see it, so you would think that I could make one giant TJ Maxx/Tuesday Morning/Target run and be done right? Wrong. 

This is where you come in!! I'm going to share five pictures of the bathroom, with my ideas, then y'all tell me Yes - No - Maybe. Below you'll find some seriously pathetic attempts at drawing to convey my ideas thanks to paint haha!!

I am thinking about a wine rack as a towel rack on the wall behind the toilet. Pinterest Ideas - here - here

Also thinking about two pieces of bathroom/bathtub artwork. I am also open to swapping the location of the artwork/towel rack, due to scale. Pinterest Ideas - here - here

 Towel rack

Floral shower curtain. Pinterest Ideas - here - here - here 

I am just hoping that this "nightmare" can turn into a spa-like day dream :) Share your thoughts with me!! I can't wait to hear your thoughts!


  1. Love the wine rack as towel holder! These all look good, especially those flowers on your shower curtain... I mean artist!

  2. I actually love all of these ideas, especially the wine rack as a towel holder! Jeez, girl, you're gonna make me wanna redo my entire bathroom!!

  3. Your drawings are amazing. The wine rack as a towel holder sounds amazing, great idea.