Monday, March 28, 2016

'Look, I made nachos', shrimp & scallops!!

Random title right? But that was our Friday night, I made nachos and we had shrimp & scallops!

Friday afternoon I got home from work, Steven had had the day off so he was responsible for picking up ingredients for dinner. Earlier in the day we had agreed on seafood, shrimp and scallops. I think we're just ready to be on SSI in two weeks eating some super fresh, if you know what I mean! I should have known to get more specific about what we needed at the grocery store, but by now I figured that he had the routine down for Friday nights..... we get some kind of app and enjoy it outside around 6ish..... then we clean that up have another beverage and listen to some music..... get so caught up in music + beverages that we don't cook dinner until like 8:30. Seriously, this is totally our Friday M.O. But I didn't get specific and he came home with everything that I asked for, just no app!

Off to the fridge and pantry I went, surely I could rustle something up right? It had been a long week and my brain wasn't firing on all cylinders. Then I saw it, black beans and corn left over from southwest salads and chips left over from tacos the week before! BOOM, nachos. 
Over the past 72 hours, my Instagram feed has been nothing but Easter baskets, Easter table-scapes, Easter bunny pictures, brunch recipes....basically Easter Errrrrything. So if you follow me (@laurabethcaudell) then you know I posted the nacho picture, with the caption "Everyone is all, look at the spring flowers, look at my Easter tablescape" and I'm all "look I made nachos AND poured a beer!"  
The nachos were delicious! 

When I asked you guys what kind of posts you wanted to see from me last week, a few of you said "recipes". So here is my go to shrimp and scallop seasoning recipes!!!

Blackening blend ( you can use any type you like )
Chili Powder
Garlic Powder
Sea Salt
Fresh lime juice
Typically, I would have mixed all of the ingredients in a bowl (with just a little bit of sugar too) and then sprinkled the mixture on the shrimp, but it was like 8:30 haha! While the shrimp were on the grill, I would squeeze the lime on them every time I flipped a skewer over. My thoughts for the next time I cook shrimp.... baste raw shrimp with melted butter, then add seasonings. We like spice around our house, so what I like about this seasoning mixture is that you can add/take away the chili powder and/or blackening blend. You could easily do a salt + pepper + garlic + lime blend!! Which would be delicious, or you could break out the red pepper flakes and ghost pepper sea salt to mix with the blackening blend for ultra spicy!!

Fresh diced red onion
Minced garlic
Sea Salt + Black Pepper
Soy Sauce
I am still thinking about these scallops!! They were SO GOOD, oh and that au jus that came from cooking them, it was delicious drizzled over the shrimp!! I just poured the ingredients into the skillet, then added the scallops and mixed well before putting on the grill. Our grill has a side burner which is I where I cook all "smelly" foods. I sauteed them over medium heat.

So, if you're craving seafood, now you've got two recipes for a delicious spicy & savory meal!!


  1. Nachos is such a delicious app, LOVE that you figured out such a tasty and easy treat. We are allllll about some shrimp and scallops for dinner, so yummy.

  2. MMMM food. and I loved all the photos. all.of.them.