Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Just Call Me Practical Patsy

In just 30 short days, I'll be turning 30. Holy Crap! 

I am not scared to turn 30, but just the thought of being 30 and saying goodbye to my 20's is a little bittersweet. Can I get a 29+1 candle for my birthday cake?? Haha!! As I have mentioned before, I prefer to drop "gift idea bombs" instead of hints. Meaning I'll send you the direct link with that I want, easy right? So yesterday I sent some links to my parents - Steven has been told the one thing that I want - and when I got finished sending the email, I knew I was old. Why might you ask? I asked for incredibly practical things.


A raincoat. Pajamas. Lake/beach sandals. Studs. A watch. Maybe a diamond earring upgrade? Nothing about any of these items scream "memorable 30th bday gift", but its the practical things that I would never really "splurge" on for myself are what I'll wear out.

My current rain coat, its a North Face that my parents gave me for Christmas my freshmen year of college. It needs to be retired because the lining is flaking off. If it wasn't, I would still be wearing it because it has held up so well!!! A testament to North Face if you ask me. My watch, was given to me on my 21st birthday. I wear it almost every day, and just last month was the first time I have had to have any repairs done to it, one of the pins came out. For Christmas when I was 15, my parents gave me a pair of diamond studs. They're small, but for a 15 year old, you don't give her BIG diamonds. Other than my pearls and my mothers black onyx ring, this is the only fine jewelry I have NOT managed to loose. Without revealing "too much" let me just say that I am minimalist in the PJ department when I go to bed. My mom always asks me, what are you going to do if there is a fire? Which is why I sleep with a robe at the foot of the bed.....catch my drift y'all? So with that said, nice PJs are just something I would never buy myself, but they're a good thing to have for when we have house guests or are lounging at the lake. 

Truth be told, I really don't need any of this. I have been blessed beyond compare and are incredibly lucky. But a new fancy blue polka dotted rain coat never hurt anyone :)

Does anyone else ask for practical gifts? What has been the best practical gift you ever received? Am I really getting old? What kind of eye wrinkle cream do you use? Hahaha!


  1. That striped watch - OMG. SO CUTE! And my birthday is next week. Hmmmm...

  2. Ooooohhh, bigger diamond studs are on my wish-list, too!! Mine were from High School graduation - when my ears were definitely smaller ;)

  3. I love that Patagonia jacket! Looks so comfy! Also those diamond studs are perfect!! :)