Wednesday, February 10, 2016

What's Hap-"pinning" Wednesday!

Hey y'all! I am back today with a post that actually has a point and I am not rambling on about my husband wakes me up on the sofa haha!

Moving on....

Are you looking for an awesome comfort food recipe? Then CLICK HERE for the most delectable soup/pasta dish/eat your self silly recipe!!! I made this lasagna soup last night and I seriously cannot WAIT to get home and eat it again for dinner! Its.That.Good

My BBFL and her hubby are coming into town this weekend!!! 

I haven't seen her since her 30th birthday party in November, so I am ready to see her and catch up over a glass of wine!! When we have guests, I love to plan a good menu! Granted I menu "plan" almost each week, but weekend eating is always fun (and sometimes not as healthy! haha).

Friday evening I am making my pasta bake!!
Saturday morning I am thinking about cinnamon roll waffle bites and bacon - something easy that can be cooked to "order" on the waffle maker.
Sausage + Hashbrown balls for snacking - these are good served warm, but also good around 3pm with a Corona!

After these three things...I am lost. Pretty much, the menu will "come to me" as I am walking the isles of WalMart Friday on my lunch break!

Lastly...can we talk about Ballard Designs? And how much I love them? And how I need a second job to afford everything from their catalog. I mean, just look at this room on the front cover of the early spring catalog...
Does that room just not look so inviting?? And both of those rugs!!! I die. And when I die, I hope Jesus has heaven decorated like a Ballard catalog haha! But on a serious note, I plan on using these two pictures as design inspiration for the guest room nightstand and the table between the two chairs in our formal living room.

Speaking of the guest room, I bought this duvet set at TJ Maxx a few weeks back for $39! Very Pottery Barn-esque for a quarter of the price! 

Other than trying not to freeze, its a warm 32* here in Georgia, that is all I have for you on this beautiful Wednesday!! Don't forget to link up with Jessi and Jenn!


  1. Um, I now have an obsession, hellllllo Ballard Design!

  2. I love the duvet set you ordered! I agree, it looks very Pottery Barn-esque but with a much better price point! When we have people in town I just make sure I have lots of snacks. I make bacon wrapped dates because they are yummy warm or at room temperature, cut up fresh veggies for a veggie tray, and have cheese and crackers ready to go. :)