Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Sofa Sleeping

I need to vent about a little "problem" that is going on at our house.... And maybe it happens at yours too.... Ok, here it goes....


What? Did you think it was going to be a legitimate problem? Haha! Well in my eyes (and especially after he wakes me up) it is! ;)

Let me lay it out for you.

It's 8:37pm, we wrapped up dinner about 30 minutes ago and the kitchen is clean. Cornflake settles on me and she starts to cat nap. I decide thats a pretty good idea too and follow her lead. Steven wakes me up not even 20 minutes later and makes me go to bed with him!!! Grrrrrr.
He has no idea just how hard I was sleeping for those 20 minutes! I mean those were 20 blissful minutes of non interrupted sleep! I dozed off ever so peacefully, Cornflake is also lightly snoring, I mean bliss is like the only word I can think to describe it.

Then the wake up happens.

It happens in the form of a shoulder shake. Or a louder than normal "babe, get up lets go to bed". And then I get all like this...

Just last night this happened!! And when I don't want to come to bed immediately, I get called "cranky pants", "sassy pants", "grumpy pants" or some variation of "pants". Allllllll I wanted to do was sleep on the sofa! Just a little nap, that's all I'm asking!

So now that I have written the most random blog post EVER about how Steven wakes me up when I'm napping on the sofa and I sound like the cat that rises out of the sand in Aladdin.... does this ever happen at your house??? Also, pretty sure this post is nothing but a bunch of run-on sentences. I really have nothing to blame the sentences on and we've had snow showers all day long here in Georgia, so blaming it on that. Damn snowflakes.

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  1. Haha oh man I'm sorry! My hubby falls asleep on the couch ALL the time but I just let him sleep. It gives me the chance to sprawl in our bed lol.