Monday, February 8, 2016

Weekend Rewind

Hey y'all! Hope you're not too worn out from the superbowl party last night!! I really think that they should move the superbowl to the Sunday before President's day, that way most people have a holiday the next day!

I would love to give a recap of a super exciting weekend, but we just hung out and did some work at our new house and overall the weekend was just right!!

Friday evening we stayed in and Steven grilled some AWESOME Asian chicken! I marinated it in soy and teriyaki sauces with some fresh minced garlic. While he was grilled I roasted some broccoli and cooked brown rice. Toss all of that together in a bowl and you've got an delicious and somewhat healthy (minus all the sodium) dinner!

Saturday morning, we got up early to go meet my uncle at our new house for an electrical lesson. Before we headed out, we noshed on these delicious raspberry and chocolate scones from KiKi's Bakeshop, a local bakery!
I put them in the oven for a few minutes to get them warm, so good with a cup of coffee!! We had to be on our a-game since we were about to start messing with electricity!
All of the outlets and switches in our house are beige...and most of them had paint on them. Seriously, who paints over outlets? My uncle is an electrician and he gave us a few lessons on switching them out and how to handle 3-way switches. We started to catch the groove of things and he left us to finish the rest! It was super tedious work, because not each outlet is as easy or hard as the one before.

Other than the hallway and third bedroom, we finished switching everything over! Once we got home, we took a long nap, ordered takeout and watched Netflix. We're such PARTY ANIMALS ;)

The highlight of our weekend was going over to Josh and Amanda's for the superbowl. I mean when you've got a Broncos fan as cute as this....
....its hard for anything else to be the highlight! I tried out a new recipe that Natalie from Dirty Diapers and Designer Handbags shared last week, stuffed sweet peppers. The peppers went over really well and I will for sure make them again!! Truth be told though, its hard for anything not to be good when you've got cheese, garlic and kettle chips all blended together and its hot and cheesy!

Before we headed home, we snapped a few pictures. Asher was quite happy with mom and dad, but that wasn't the case with Uncle Steven and LaLa.

And that friends was our weekend!

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