Thursday, February 11, 2016

Bringing Back The Confes-sesh!!

I am so excited that Jessica from The Newly is bringing back the weekly confessional!!! After Leslie passed, it was a day of blogging that I truly missed! So grab the new button, write your confessions and link up with Jessica!

** My desk needs a nameplate that reads HBIC (head b*tch in charge) for those male customers who walk in the office and merely think I am the secretary. Just last week I encountered someone who specifically asked to speak to a male in sales because apparently a male at our office told him we had a part for sale....when clearly we didn't....and "I didn't know what I was talking about". Yea. 

** I want to just go on head and put it out there that I am obsessed with Cornflake. I talk to her as if she is a person, Steven and I are her "mommy and daddy" and I am pretty sure we're nuts. There is a little part of me that is worried about actually having a baby...If we behave this way over our cat, how are we going to be as parents? Sometimes I let her out in the mornings, and if she isn't back by the time I get home from work, I start to freak out. This behavior is clearly not normal haha! I really, really, really hope that this is not an indication that I will be a "helicopter parent" :/

** Speaking of parenting, sweet baby Lawson kicked my ovaries into OVERDRIVE last night! I may or may not be suffering from baby fever right now and Steven is trying everything he can to make to the "fever" go away haha!!! Honey, a new pocketbook will make the fever subside....if you're reading this :) Lawson's momma is my blogger and IRL friend Lori!

** Steven just found out that he will be going to DC in July for work!! He'll be there for a week, so I plan to join him for a long weekend and I am getting excited! I haven't been to our nation's capital since I was in 7th grade, so my "laundry list" of things to see and do will be a mile long. Do any of you travel/live in DC? Help me make my list!! I have flown by myself before, but I don't know why thinking about this trip makes me nervous?

**...end of the confes-sesh! 


  1. I'M A DC GIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRL!!!!!! I've missed confessions too!

    1. woot woot dc gals in da houuuuuseee!

  2. Haha yea I live outside of DC too! Let me know if you need me to shoot ya any specific ideas! Have a great time! :)

  3. Hanging out with cute kids will definitely give you baby fever. I loved DC. I have only been once, but the food, sightseeing and tons of walking was amazing. And I do the same with my dog as you do with your cat. No shame.

  4. Dying laughing over your HBIC comment - too funny, but so true! I mean, really. It's 2016 - men need to get with the program and stop assuming that women are just secretaries these days. Thanks for linking up for confessions!:)

  5. HBIC I love it and I was just going to tell you to get hooked up with P!nky who is my BOFF or Jenn who is my other blogger bestie while you are there. I will email you and get you connected and such and so forth. And yay baby fever or maybe not after what I told you yesterday.

  6. Cornflake is too cute! My husband and I treat our puppy the same exact way - it's the best!! Enjoy DC - we visit our best friends down there all the time and it's such a fun place!

  7. I have found that men are relatively easy to trick into the whole baby thing, just saying ;-)...and oh man, if a guy came in my office and treated me that way I would flip! That sounds like a perfect name plate and you should absolutely get it!