Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Awesome Weekend and Random Photos

Hey Pretty People! I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! We had a great time with Ashley and Mickie and we even managed to do a little Sunday night and last night packing too!

Friday evening Ashley and Mickie arrived around 7 and I had apps (and wine) waiting with dinner ready to go in the crockpot! I made THESE skewers as an app, so easy! There was a pork roast in the crockpot and potatoes slowly baking for twice baked potatoes. I came up with my own marinade for the pork when I was making Christmas Eve dinner, I've used the same marinade twice since then and it doesn't disappoint!

1 package of McCormick grill mates in Garlic, Herb & Wine
1/4c Soy Sauce
1/4c Apricot Preserves 
1/2c Chicken Broth
Minced Garlic to taste
Pork tenderloin or shoulder roast

The rest of our evening was spent noshing and catching up! Around midnight we called it quits and headed off to bed. Ashley and I needed our beauty sleep as we had a big day of shopping ahead of us.

While we were at Mall of Georgia Saturday afternoon, the boys ventured out in Athens and they managed to take a selfie together....but Ashley and I didn't take a single picture all weekend!
However....she did take this awesome picture of me in the "hottest" sequin pants you've ever seen in Target.
I mean, who doesn't want sequined, elastic waist pants that give you a camel toe??? Bahahaha.

After we got home from shopping, the boys did not want to go out to eat. They had had too much fun rummaging for firewood and sipping adult beverages. So we compromised on ordering Longhorn takeout. Well takeout turned into, lets have a drink at the bar while we're waiting for our food. All of that turned into us eating at the bar and having a good time!!! Our trip to Longhorn did result in us seeing this Ferrari!
Should we ever win the lottery....this would be my "fun" car!!! I wonder how many grocery bags fit in it though LOL.

The evening ended with our last fire in the fire pit at #clubcaudellcircle and what better way than to share it with our besties!!! We were just missing Josh and Amanda!
Our Valentines was very uneventful. I cooked Steven cinnamon roll waffle bites, we watched Spectre and we ended out night packing up the guest room! I do have to give my hubby props on my Valentine gift!! I had mentioned (no bomb-drop mention lol) that I would like a new wallet. I've had a great MK wallet for about three years now and it is beginning to show its age. Well I guess he was listening because he gave me a new wallet :)
Not only does it match my Louis, it also matches a MK tote I have AND it fits in my favorite clutch and crossbody!!!!!! My old wallet didn't! Steven gets a WIN in the husband category!!!!

And that friends is the compilation of our awesome weekend and random photos!


  1. Sounds like a great weekend! That marinade sounds so tasty, yum!

  2. Umm yes on the Ferrari! Love the clutch but not the camel toe... who wants camel toe on purpose?