Wednesday, February 17, 2016

We've Got 13 Days.....

Let me set the situation up for you....

- Second week of January, we decide to move out, with no particular moving date.
- Third week of January, our friends Danny and Jessica have to move up the closing date of their house...which turns in to them needing a place to live
- We're moving, they need a place to live, BOOM, Danny and Jessica are the future tenants of #club____circle.
- Turns out, they have to move in with Danny's parents due to the closing date and things are TIGHT over there....
- They are moving in to our house on March 1st.....
- .....and we've got 13 days and I'm flipping my sh*t.

LB, why are you so worried? 

I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves...... 

No flooring.....No appliances (dishwasher is broken) silver lining to this is that we do have a fridge, so at least we can keep the beer cold. No knobs on the cabinets. The painters don't know if that wall can be repaired....oh and don't even get me started on the bathrooms. 

Flooring is scheduled for next week, but we REALLY need next week/end to move so that I will have a whole day to clean the house up for Danny and Jessica. So needless to say I am getting kind of nervous. Hell I am nervous!!! The "plan" if its not ready is to move the majority of our items in to the garage and we'll be living with Jackie and Johnny for a few days if need be. 

It is not like we don't have anywhere to go and I have 100% made peace with the fact that the house is not move-in-ready. Is it live-able? Yes. But there might not be proper lights in every room, the mirrors might not be hung up yet, nor any outlet plates on the walls. 

In between Sunday night and last night, we've started to make a dent in the packing. The guest room is 100% packed up and ready to be moved! Last night I began tackling our fine china, additional plates, dining room decor and special glassware! So, I keep telling myself that if I keep this momentum up each night with packing a little bit, next week won't be so stressful. 

Here's to the next 13 days, wine and my husband trying to keep me calm!


  1. Oh man, moving is so stinking stressful! You guys have got this though!! :)