Thursday, February 18, 2016

Confessional Thursday

Confessed while drinking 32 oz of coffee and popping my second round of advil & sudafed this morning...

** Baby fever from last week still has not subsided. And to make matters worse I'm taking dinner to my friend Liz this afternoon who had a baby last month!! Did anyone else suffer from this right after their wedding? We're not ready yet, I mean I want to be a newlywed for a while, but damnit my ovaries are hurting! Hahaha.

** I am very over Facebook right now. Last year I gave it up for Lent, and I know I am a week behind schedule, but I am thinking that might be a good idea until Easter.

** We have fallen off of the no coffee creamer wagon, well halfway off the wagon. One of my New Year Goals was to give it up, its such a waste of calories and there is stuff in there I can't pronounce. I bought CoffeeMate Natural Bliss, its nothing but milk, cream, sugar and the ingredients are non-gmo. I feel like this is fair compromise to get some flavor back in my folgers right? I just hate paying almost $3 for the little container, especially when we can down one in about four days.

** I don't like macaroons. I've never liked them and I don't quite understand the craze. Several months ago they were blowing up my IG feed, then they went away, but they've come back with a vengeance since Monday. Sure they are pretty, but if I am going to eat a "small, round dessert" it had better be peanut butter oreos or thin mints haha!  

** I need some shapewear and I'm not happy about it. Last week I bought a black wrap dress and it's pretty fabulous I might add. Steven and I are going to this four course dinner and beer pairing event on Saturday night and I want to wear it. But in order for me to look really good, I need to hide my really fat stomach right now. I am taking this as my BIG HUGE HINT that I need to start exercising again. I can't just eat a #1 from Chick Fil A for lunch and whatever I cook for dinner with a side of wine and think that I'll "be ok". Jiggly legs are not cute....and my 30th is two months away and I want to feel and look good for that!

** Holy crap my 30th birthday is a little over two months away!

** End of this weeks confess-sesh!



  1. I did not right after my wedding and still do not have baby fever. I love other people's kids, but I like my sleep, haha. EEEK 30 how exciting.

  2. Baby fever never ends for me! And I already have a mini!
    Ugh please show me your Facebook deleting ways. I hate it so much but I. Can't. Stop.

  3. Girl get some spanx and then get motivated and you want baby fever? come visit me for a week. It'll be gone... so gone.