Friday, February 19, 2016

A Day In The Life

I've seen several "a day in the life" posts floating around lately and I decided it was about time that I did one of my own!!! And elaborate a little more as to WHY I need the HBIC name plate for my desk...

5:15 to 6:30 - Depending on where Steven is for work (office or on site) depends on what time the alarm goes off and the day either starts two ways:

5:15 - I get up, start coffee, make Steven's lunch and go back to bed.
6:30 - I get up when he gets in the shower and make lunch.
Yep, I make Steven's lunch every day. Sometimes on those 5:15 days, I loathe it because I would like to keep sleeping, but I've done it ever since we moved in together, and until something changes (baby) I'll continue to do so. 

6:30 to 7:15(ish) - This is when I have my hot lemon water, clean the kitchen (if it needs it), put away laundry, or make the bed. Sometimes....I even pick out my outfit early, but this is a rare occasion.

7:15 to 9:00 - Shower. Hair. Makeup. Get Dressed. There is NO WAY around it, I really need almost two hours to get ready. Bless those who can do it in under 30 minutes.

9:00 to 9:15(ish) - Grab a quick bite of breakfast, which is usually cottage cheese, two boiled eggs or lately I've been having oatmeal with a little protein powder and a banana mixed in. While eating I typically pour my to-go mug, feed Cornflake AND put any "extra" items I need to in my car.

Off to work!!

From 9:30(ish) until 5:00/5:15 I do most or all of these things listed below:

Answer the phone
Tell a customer I'm "sales"
Place orders either over email or on the phone
Quote research - A customer is in need of multiple parts and I'll research whats available and come back with a list pf the prices
Tell a customer that I HAVE to charge sales tax, even if he is paying cash
Tell a customer "Just because you had to drive 20 miles to WalMart to get a six pack of beer, you don't negotiate on the price of what makes you think you can do that here?"
Legit y'all, this is my line. I use it all.the.time. 
Post pictures and inventory to the internet
Make deliveries (this is a very rare occasion, but when it happens, I treat myself to Starbucks)
At the beginning of the month, Accounts Receivable
In the middle of the month, Sales Tax
All month long, Pay Bills
However, my job is not limited to, cleaning the bathrooms, vacuuming, buying office supplies and keeping trail mix and diet coke in the kitchen fridge, 24/7. Speaking of which.....we're out of both!

I know that I have shared this before, but it was many, many, many posts ago, but I work for my dad's company. We sell restoration car parts and specialize in LS engine conversions. Say what? Basically, what we do is this: You've got a rusted out 1969 Camaro that looks like the picture below:

Scary and rusted out right? That's where we step in and sell you new parts that look like this: 

That will make your car look like this: 

We are a four man operation: Daddy, Me, Uncle Mark and Alex. JP's Muscle Cars is the true definition of a family business. Granted Alex isn't related to us, but he has been working here for seven years, so basically we "claim" him haha! I have two degrees, Business Administration and Hospitality can guess which one I am using! Never in a million years did I think that this is what I would be doing every day. I moved home after college, because I didn't know what I wanted to do and I had no job. Daddy convinced me to come work for him a few days a week....that was in May of 2010. In just three short months I will have my SIX YEAR work anniversary!

So....all of this work explanation leads back to why I need the HBIC nameplate for my desk. Granted, most men who call probably do not mean anything by "can I speak to someone in sales", they just think I am either the secretary or assistant. But when a customer tries to tell me I am "wrong" or "will only speak to Johnny" or "ask to speak to a male" it chaps my ass. I know that isn't lady-like to say, but it really tears me up inside. But on the flipside when a customer compliments me (and when I say customer I mean 99.5% men, 0.5%women) it makes me feel good about myself! I know a good amount about cars and their parts, but I know a whole lot of bullsh*t and most male customers eat it up. I can sell you a $100 fender for $150! Hahaha! There are a lot of positives along with the negatives of being a female in a male dominate industry. So with all that said, I know my car parts, I sign the checks and I can bullsh*t a bullsh*tter and this is why I need HBIC for my desk. Just in case it comes in to "question" who is running this joint!

The rest of my day will end in three ways:

- Go home, exercise if I feel like it, cook dinner, relax and asleep by 10:30
- Run 50 million errands, re-heat left overs, have wine and are in bed 10:30
- I have Junior League or Cancer Auxiliary meetings, go to meeting, get talked into going out for wine or dinner afterward and tell Steven I'll be home at 7:30, which turns into 9:30!! I am the worlds worst when it comes to "guessing what time I'll be home". I must have missed time management 1101 in college!

I try to cook dinner four nights a week. Unless it is a family occasion or a Thursday, we don't eat out during the week. Before Steven came along, I didn't enjoy cooking, but now I do!! While I'm prepping dinner its my "wind down" time. I'll have a small glass of wine and chop veggies til my hearts desire haha! Our evenings are filled with watching HGTV or Netflix and then we head to bed around 10-10:30. When it is warm outside, we aren't quite this lazy!! If its not freezing cold out, we'll ride our bikes or walk around our neighborhood!

There you have it friends, a day in the life of LBC!!!! I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!! If you need me I'll be elbow deep in newspaper and bubble wrap with my camelback full of wine strapped to me ;)



  1. Such a fun post to read, I loved learning more about what you do. I can only imagine some of the comments you get and handle with a sweet smile.

  2. I love reading these types of posts :) So fun to get a little insight into someone's life. I think that your job sounds pretty awesome. I LOVE hot rods and my first car was actually a '67 Camaro. I'm glad you don't let those men give you crap :) Give it right back to them!

  3. I'm right there with you! If someone doubts my ability because I'm a female, get ready for me to prove you wrong x10. :) I'm glad someone else is as crazy busy as me! Life is a little chaotic some days!!

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