Monday, December 14, 2015

Weekend Rewind!

Greetings everyone!! I hope that you had a great weekend! Ours was jam packed and I slept like a rock last night. So hard in fact, I slept through my alarm and Steven going to work this morning, whoops!

Friday night we headed to Andrew and Katie's for their annual Christmas party! We do a white elephant gift exchange and it gets funnier and funnier each year. THIS was the funniest gift given this year and I have every intention of buying one or two as gag gifts for next year!!

 Saturday morning we did some real estate drive-bys, and much to my dismay, nothing looked like it does on Zillow. There should really be photos of the houses next door and across the street. Who wants the nicest house on the block when there is a dump next door?!?!?! We rode down in a neighborhood that is on the outskirts of Athens (on the Monroe side of town) and absolutely FELL IN LOVE. Y'all, I mean this neighborhood is where I could see us living! I have not felt a pitter patter in my heart like this in a while!

Steven was getting excited too. Multiple times he said "I could see us living here" and "this location is ideal". We decided to "trespass" after we realized that our favorite house in the neighborhood was empty....

Have you ever had the rug ripped out from underneath you? Well that is exactly what happened to us when we text the number on the real estate sign for "more information". This beautiful abode is about $60,000 out of our ideal price range. I gave serious consideration to pouting, truly I was disappointed, but such is life and we will find the RIGHT house in due time.

We worked around the house Saturday afternoon, and hung outdoor lights! Naturally we did not buy enough, so off to Lowes I go to night. Then later we attended a Christmas party that evening with my parents. Luckily the party was in their neighborhood, so we walked back home and crawled in to bed :)

Sunday was jam packed! And of course I did not take a single picture of anything that was going on! Sunday morning I baked and chopped for Liz's baby shower that afternoon. I had to bring something sweet to the shower and I also wanted to do something festive, so I made these cookies by Inside Bru Crew Life.
They are as easy as they are good!!!!! I am all about a simple cookie recipe, especially something that does not require a lot of prep. I swear it took me ten minutes to mix everything up, 30 minutes (or longer) for the dough to chill, then 9 minutes bake time. YES, nine minutes!!!! This is my kind of cookie recipe! I will for sure be making these again!

After the baby shower I headed to a Favorite Things Party. Have you ever been to one of these? My friend and bridesmaid, Amanda, hosted and we had a great time! We shared our favorite foods, movies, bands etc etc and then we brought three of our favorite things to share. I came home with after shower body oil (hello winter skin rescue!), a soy winter-mint candle and a chevron infinity scarf!! It was a success and way more fun than a cookie swap!

The weekend ended with me napping on the couch until about 8:30 and serving my lovely and wonderful husband a bowl of apple-cinnamon cheerios for dinner. Haha!! Overall it was a great weekend and the busyness was just the start to the week ahead!

Cheers to meetings, getting in some shopping, visiting Katie in the hospital and attempting to hang those remaining outdoor lights while Steven is out of town!!

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  1. Uh house hunting!! So fun yet, not so fun!! Hope y'all find a house soon!!