Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Christmas Wish List 2015

This year's Christmas wish list doesn't have too much on it. And quite frankly I know that I might get two of the items off of this list if I am lucky....and no it won't be the X5. I got the wedding of my dreams this year and I don't know if I can ask for much more. When I think about our wedding day, it was truly the day I had dreamt of my whole life and I don't think that it could have any better! But being a female and it is Christmas.... I threw together a few things I would like this year if Santa is being generous :)

Christmas Wish List 2015

1) If a Barbour waxed jacket is good enough for Kate Middelton...it is good enough for me!

2 & 3) According to the Farmers Almanac, the south is in for some nasty winter weather! So what better than Hunter boots to protect my feet from the snow, and a Burberry umbrella to keep my hair looking good??

4) Would you believe this Southern Belle doesn't own a strand of pearls?? I don't and I would love a strand! Hint Hint MOM!

5) I mean this is a wish list right?? So why not put the #1 thing I'm wishing for..... a new ride!

6) My staple scent, Chance Chanel, enough said.

7) Cornflake needs a furry BFF.

8) I would really love to finish out our crystal goblets! We were lucky enough to have been gifted four, but four more to make a set of eight would be ideal :)

So...Mom, Steven, Dad...if you're reading this, here are a few ideas!


  1. I always buy Waterford from Macy's when they have Friends & Family - 25% off and Waterford isn't excluded! They just had a F&F, but maybe you can pick up a few the next time.

  2. Yes a puppy for Cornflake and pearls, you need pearls.... Hoping you get at least one of these wishes. but I want the puppy lol.