Friday, December 11, 2015

Five on Friday!!

Friday you sexy beast! How happy I am to see you!! This has been a whilwind of a week I tell you! I am looking forward to a weekend full of Christmas parties - literally, we have three and a baby shower! - and hanging up lights on the exterior of #clubcaudellcircle. Speaking of Club Caudell Circle, let's move in to Five on Friday and our Christmas decor!
1) Last night I finished our Christmas tree (minus the bow) and it has only taken me five days haha! Steven was poking fun at me because I like to hang three or four ornaments and then stand back and look at it. I told him that you can't just toss a bunch of ornaments up there and expect it to look like something!! It is a process! I get it from my mom, she is the same way, and apparently Steven was telling this to my dad and he "Son, she is just like her mama". 

2) My personal favorite ornament that is hanging on the tree! 

3) I am at a loss for my dining room table. I am so in love with the placemat/charger/plate combo, but I do not know what to do in the center of the table. Any suggestions? I typically keep a low bowl with some type of decor filler in it, but I am itching for something tall and fresh. Help a girl out! 

4) I got my haircut yesterday! I have been itching for quite a while (long before the wedding) to cut my hair, but then when I got in the chair yesterday I was nervous! I mean hair doesn't grow back overnight haha!!! My stylist took of 3.5 inches and I "think" I am happy about it..... ask me again next week if I like it. I can only hope that the shorter hair means less dry time :) 

5) Asking for prayers for my cousin Katie, she has been hospitalized with her 3rd pregnancy. Addi Grey isn't due until the first of January, however due to some complications she will more than likely be arriving much earlier! So please keep her in your thoughts and prayers, and her sweet husband who is at home taking care of their two little girls! Her oldest, Emersyn, was one of my flower girls. She'll probably kick me for posting this pic on my blog, but she is one hot mama :) 

I hope that everyone has a fabulous weekend!! Don't forget to link up with Natasha, April, Christina and Darci today!

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  1. I struggle with centerpieces ideas too. My table is super small so everything looks overwhelming. With your size table you could do a small wreath (Trader Joe's has great options) with a hurricane candle holder. You could fill the glass container with fake cranberries and a candle. That would look cute! :)