Monday, November 23, 2015

Weekend of Celebrations!!!

Hey y'all! I'm back to the daily grind this week at work (which usually means back to blogging too!) and this Monday has been nothing short of a "Monday", but when you're coming off of a weekend of celebrating, it makes up for it!

Friday afternoon Steven and I headed to pick up our honeymoon travel documents! We decided on our final location back in August, so now that it is here, it has made me excited all over again! Afterward we headed downtown for the grand opening of Empire South in downtown Athens and to meet up with friends.
Empire South is a men's and women's clothing store, selling Southern apparel, with locations in Watkinsville and Lavonia (where the lake house is!) and now downtown Athens on Clayton street. Naturally, Steven and I did not leave empty handed!

Steven had to hold me back from buying the entire women's section! While we were shopping I kept trying to get him to DROP hints if he wanted anything for Christmas from Empire South! Y'all when I say drop, I'm talking DROPPING harder than dropping the atomic bomb and he just didn't seem that interested! Any and all hints as to how to get your husband to tell you things he wants for Christmas....send them my way! After shopping we chatted for a while with some of our other friends who were at the opening then we headed to World Famous for cocktails!

We then met up with Carey and Ben, then some friends of theirs, and we wound up at Steven's favorite place - Georgia Theatre Rooftop - before we called it a night. We had pizza and wine once we got home, and naturally I was asleep in less than 5 minutes after having eaten pizza. Wine + Pizza + LONG Fridays = LB out by 10 o'clock!

Saturday morning we headed out to Carrollton to celebrate Ashley's and Mickie's birthdays! My BFFL ( MOH + Ride or Die ) and her husband have birthdays 9 days apart, so needless to say we had to do some celebrating! Ashley turned the big 3-0 and Mickie turned 33. We were joined by friends and family at Little Hawaiian for the celebration!

We got up early the next morning to head home, knowing we had a lot of gift sorting and re-organzing to do!! We used our waffle maker for the first time and they were delicious! Which I mean, bisquick is always good haha!!! 

The rest of our Sunday was filled with the excitement of re-opening a lot of our gifts! There were so many things that Steven did not see from our showers, so it was sweet to see him be like "oh yea, we got that?!?!" and "I can't wait to use that!". I am about 90% finished with converting over our kitchen and 0% finished with everything else haha! Even Cornflake joined in on the re-organization....

.... and that friends was our weekend! 

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  1. Fun fun. And with my husband I just straight out ask him what do you want/need. And then nag til he tells me. I love waffles, but hate the mess... so of course now I am going to make them this weekend. Yay honeymoon!!!