Wednesday, November 25, 2015

A Day In The Life Thanksgiving

I love reading about everyone's Thanksgiving traditions! Each family is different, has a variation of stuffing or dressing etc etc and is large and small! Rather than share a tradition, I'm going to share a "day in the life" at the Palmer house that my mom and I will go through tomorrow!

Here we go:

Wake up around 5:30-6 and put the Turkeys in
Can't go back to sleep, stay awake and make coffee
Around 8 start crumbling biscuits and cornbread for dressing
Around 9 leave kitchen and get ready
Around 10:30 come back to kitchen, open wine
Drink wine and stand around in pure shock of everything that needs to be done before 12:30
Suit up in apron, put wine charm on glass so my mom and I can tell the difference between our glasses
Steven and Daddy retreat to basement, only to come out if "summoned" 
The next two hours are kind of a blur....
Make corn casserole
Make dressing
Baste Turkey
Open cranberry sauce, attempt to cut it so its not in the shape of a can
Open second bottle of wine
Put out appetizers
Welcome the first family members who show up 20 minutes early
Pour more wine
More family arrives
Start to organize buffet
Tell 20 family members who are trying to "help" in the kitchen to get out!
Appetizers run out
Swat family members hand who tries to take a bite of macaroni and cheese
Everything is finally ready
Say the prayer
Line of 30 people forms
Mountains of food begin to appear on plates
Aunt Marsha's sweet potatoes are the first thing to go
Everyone is seated and I BEG my mom to eat, she won't bc she is exhausted from cooking three turkeys
Round two of food mountains appear
We take a few family photographs
Those who go to second family Thanksgiving start to trickle out
Make coffee to go with dessert
Everyone FINALLY leaves around 4:30
Let the dish-washing commence, because "we fancy" and use real plates - this is when a second dishwasher would come in handy! 
Collapse around 6!
Eat second round of turkey around 8
Out like a light by 9, which works well for Black Friday Shopping!

This is our family photo that we take each year, these are ALL of my cousins! And the random face on a stick....that is my cousin Hance who lives in Texas. Gotta make sure everyone is accounted for :) 

This year I am counting all of my blessings! Big, Small, The things that drive me nuts and the things that make me smile! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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