Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Mrs. Caudell + Chateau Elan

Hey y'all! I'm writing my first post as Mrs. Caudell!

To be quite honest, I kind of don't know what to write! There is SO much to be told and I have seen bloggers tell their wedding stories in different ways! So, to make it easy on me.....why don't y'all tell me how you would like to read about the fastest day of my life! Do I do a once a week post and keep "Wedding Wednesday"? Do I write about the big events for one solid week? Just let me know :)

So what has been going on since the 14th?? The next day after all our guests went home, we packed (another) bag and headed to Chateau Elan for an evening of wine sipping and relaxation! C.E. is about 30 minutes away from us, so it was the perfect little getaway before our honeymoon!
the winery at night
We arrived around 4, and headed straight for the winery for the afternoon tasting. To some this might sound like fun, but it was actually very sentimental as we did a wine tasting on our first date!
Taking home a bottle!
As we were heading out of the winery, we noticed a fire pit burning all by itself and no one sitting in its chairs! We turned right back around, went inside, bought two glasses of our favorite wine and went to sit by it for a while. Granted we didn't do much actual sitting, but it was great irregardless!
After the winery, we had dinner and were back in our room by around 9 and I believe the last time I saw the clock was around 10:15. Party animals!!! I tell you what :) 

Since returning home and up until today, there has been a lot of cake eating, netflix watching and Cornflake snuggling! Oh and we got back a little piece of paper saying we're officially (legally) married!!

It is a cloudy/slightly rainy/almost cold day in Georgia. There is chili in the crockpot at home, some fuzzy socks with my name on them and a husband who will get off early!! Needless to say, I can't wait to get there!!

Mrs. Caudell, out!


  1. What a fun night after the wedding!! And I have no suggestions on how to recap the wedding. It took me months to finally start recapping our wedding & by then it was old news! HAHA! But, I did it week by week!

  2. I love that y'all went and celebrated! I would love to see all your wedding posts. I vote all in a week so you can remember all the details. Congrats Mrs. Caudell