Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Weekend in the Mountains!

Steven and I took a 1/2 day on Friday and headed up to North Carolina for the weekend! His step-father has a cabin up there and we decided to take off and go before all the fall leaves fell! I guess you could say that this makes our "first annual trip" as we went last year too!
We arrived toward the end of "happy hour" but Dan (Steven's step-dad) had cocktails and apps waiting for us! Dan is an artist by profession and he travels all over the US to art shows where he sells his paintings and will paint originals for you! Sounds awesome right? He is incredibly talented but his talent takes him away from home and we had not seen him since our engagement party in March! Friday evening was spent catching up and talking about the wedding. Click here and here to see some of his artwork.

I get to marry this fine fella in 9 days!
Saturday morning Dan headed back to St. Simons and left the cabin to us! After coffee (and some advil) we headed into town for breakfast then to the grocery to get items for dinner. Please forgive the photo taken in the grocery store parking lot...but I mean look at this mountain view!
I hate to grocery shop, but I think I could get over it if I got to see this every time I went into the store! The cabin is "off grid", no tv or internet, Dan does a lot of his painting here during the early months of the year and occasionally some in the summer. While it was nice to be unplugged, we struggled for a while to find the UGA vs Florida game on the radio in the car, then it started to rain, whomp whomp. However, we were getting our asses kicked anyway so we weren't tore up about listening to the end of it.

Later that evening Steven "schooled" me in Poker and Blackjack. I know that a lot of people know how to play, but I didn't so it took me a while to get the hang of it! We tried a few other two person card games but the weren't nearly as fun. I did enjoy playing, so I think "Card Night" is in our future at #clubcaudellcircle!
Sunday morning we woke up early and headed home. While we would have loved to have stayed longer by the fire with our coffee, we knew we had things to do. Ugh, adulting, it is so hard to do sometimes haha!
Until next year North Carolina!

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