Thursday, November 5, 2015

Thursday Thoughts + CMA Best Dressed

....And an incredibly long stream of consciousness begins now, because ladies this is all I am capable of until late November! Bear with me :)

Holy sh*t I am getting married in 9 days!

But on the 10 day mark, my mom and I worked on the table assignments for over three hours as they are due at the printer today. Well guess what?!?! We left off six people! Which means we need another table! Lawd-a-mercy! I am SO glad that we caught it last night instead of NEXT Wednesday when we pick up the printed board! The three hours we worked on this began at 4:30, so it was 7:45 when I got home and I was asleep by 9:30!!

Does anyone sleep really good on the sofa? I was doing some serious snoozing when Steven woke me up to go bed. Which in turn made me cranky. God Bless that man for putting up with me! So as you can tell, I did not watch the CMA awards last night! However, I have watched my new favorite song on repeat several times! And I have selected the top two best dressed!!!! And are giving an award for the coolest "grandma".

Truth be told, I could not decide in between these two for best dressed, but the award(s) goes to Kellie Pickler and Jewel!
via via Getty Images

via InStyle via Getty Images

And the award for the coolest "grandma" goes to Steven Tyler! 
via InStyle via WireImages
I am telling you! If he shaved his facial hair and added some glasses, he could be one KICK ASS grandma! I mean, I could see a cool older woman wearing this same outfit! HAHAHAHA! Please forgive me :)

And here is my last reallllllllly random thought for the day. What are your thoughts on leather leggings? Granted I have some thighs that I consider "thunder thighs" but irregardless, I want some! A few of my friends have these faux leather leggings from Spanx. Do any of you own them? Should I drop $100 on them? Especially if they keep them from jiggling??? Any other brands out there you recommend? Help a girl out and let me know! I would LOVE to order a pair over the weekend and then wear them to Chateau Elan for our wedding getaway before the honeymoon!
Thursday thoughts is out! Now lets hope I can rustle up 5 things for the 5 on Friday link-up!!! XO


  1. Get them! I do them with sweaters and tunics and such for a night out. And... you do not have thunder thighs. enough said. xoxo

  2. Hope your wedding week is going great!! Enjoy it!! Its going to go by so fast!!