Friday, October 30, 2015

4 on Friday - My Christmas Lovin Heart & Cornfake

So Halloween is tomorrow - big deal - what is more important is that Christmas is 55 days away!!!! Bring on Jingle Bell Rock (on repeat), glitter alllllll over my house from decor and ornaments, cookies baking and eggnog with my (almost!) husband!

Can you tell I am ready? Last year we did not have much of a Christmas, as we moved eight days beforehand. We left on Christmas to go to SSI and then the next day we got engaged. So needless to say, it wasn't as enjoyable last year as it could have been. I am -obviously- looking forward to this year. With alllllll of that said, I am linking up with the lovely ladies of 5 on Friday to show you a few things I bought already and some design inspiration as to the direction I want to decorate this year!

1) I ordered stockings!!! With the combination of a 25% off PB coupon + gift card I snagged these babies for free!! I almost ordered two "small" stockings, but I passed, didn't want to give Steven a heartattack LOL.
2) Not only is our wedding photographer a Christmas lover, she and I are good friends and we had a 30 minute conversation last night about Christmas! I was cracking myself up with the things we talked about and then she told me that it was acceptable that I couldn't spell because my wine glass was empty. She is gold :)

3) Whimsical! I am thinking whimsical + red + shades of green + polka dots + glitter! You get the gist... I am loving this arrangement found on Etsy and this tree! I am hoping the that the tree on #clubcaudellcircle will be along these lines! Both of these items are designs by Kristen's Creations - I wish you lived in Georgia Kristen!

4) This is not Christmas related but did you know it was National Cat Day yesterday??? Well it was and in honor of that I must share a picture of Cornflake! I am only mildly obsessed with our cat :)

 And thats my 4 on Friday!!! I hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. Love your Christmas ideas, I am so excited for the season.