Monday, October 19, 2015

What a Weekend!

Who else needs a day between Sunday and Monday raise your hand?!?! Hand raised.

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, how was y'alls weekend? Our was fun and busy!!

Friday afternoon my friend Mackenzie arrived shortly after work, we ran a quick errand then got ready for our stock the bar party! Our party was hosted by my lifelong friend and bridesmaid, Amanda, and her husband Josh. We arrived and she had the cutest banners for us and perfect fall decor! Now did I take a picture of any of it?!? Nope. But we did get pictures with our guests!

The boys snuck in a great selfie! And they didn't want to take a "typical" boys picture so they "posed".

The night ended with Cards Against Humanity and cupcake eating...which I (we) had no complaints about!

Saturday morning I had a makeup trial run for the wedding. It was such fun getting made up for the day...I could get used to that! Haha. I knew that Saturday would be a great day for a trial because I would be outdoors and it was a long day. We wrapped things up around 12, packed the car and headed to the tailgate!

The weather was perfect! A long sleeve shirt was just right! We grilled out and had birthday cake for a friends birthday. We made the most of this tailgate since this is the last game we'll get to attend this year :/

I don't know if you're a UGA fan or even heard about the game, but it was painstakingly boring. We scored a whopping 3 - three - field goals. Missouri scored two. 9 to 6. It was by the SKIN of our teeth that we didn't go in to overtime. The last field goal was scored with 57 seconds to go. As you can tell by the pictures below we were not too enthused.Well, at least Steven wasn't enthused LOL.

Sunday morning we slept in and I chatted with Mackenzie for a while before getting ready for Brett's baby shower. My friend Brett is due on December 17th and we showered baby John Walker yesterday afternoon. I didn't take any pictures other than his little clothesline - blogger fail - but she got a lot of sweet presents! Baby items have come a long way, I can only image what will have come out by the time we have baby Caudell.

The weekend ended with a big pot of vegetable soup and couch lounging! I'll be totally honest, today has kicked my ass! But I am looking forward to hitting the bed early and waking up to a productive Tuesday to make up for today!
Veggie soup recipe and a few other low-carb ideas that I am thinking about cooking this week are coming your way tomorrow! Xo

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  1. Any night that ends with a cupcakes is a good night in my book!