Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Rambling Wednesday

I had a very sassy post written about how sick and tired I am of hearing people ask me "Am I excited?" and "Do you have everything ready?". However, that particular post was messing up my sidebar and I had a momentary freak-out moment (because my blog designer has if you like your blog designer, send them my way! I would love to give GG a makeover!), so I took that as a sign not to publish that sassy post.

So instead I bring you two ootd pictures, us at the pumpkin patch at our church last night and a #crazyengagedcatlady picture of Cornflake.

This outfit is simple, but I felt so good in it! Crisp white-t, rolled skinnies, booties and an arm party! And in the spirit of keeping the white theme going. I broke out my white jeans today! Say what?!?! Yes, I have on white pants after labor day, and I'm feeling pretty sassy about it!
In true blogger fashion, what would this post be without a random picture of my feet with baby pumpkins?!?

Or me cheesing with the little pumpkin I picked out? Little spoon = little pumpkin.
I had to get a picture of us at the patch, because we took one last year and we're going to keep the tradition going!
I've had two showers and one dinner that were wedding related in the past three weeks. As you can imagine my hand is VERY tired from writing thank you notes. Cornflake is smarter than both Steven and I, but damnit if she can't write!!! She did however curl up in my lap last night when I was on about #43 of 67 notes.....

And, this is the end of Rambling Wednesday, if you made it to the end of this awful, random, thrown-together post, then you get a gold star for today! ;)

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