Thursday, October 22, 2015

I Could Eat a Horse

Lawd Have Mercy, I'm hangry! 
via Pinterest via Telegraph
There I said it. 
I knew nothing would be easy about low-carbing it. I mean I could live off of spaghetti and tacos, literally. So when this diet doesn't allow for those things, you become hangry. Especially when your fiance has decided he doesn't so much want to follow the said diet plan and only eat "low-carb" for dinner. And the only reason he is eating low-carb is because I am the one cooking it LOL!! 

But other than feeling the desire to eat Black Beauty, I am doing well on the diet! Of course going to Chick Fil A and only ordering grilled nuggets is a b*tch, but I remind myself that the finish line is very near and I'm seeing results! I mentioned in last week's post that I don't own a scale....we don't have a good relationship....but my pants are looser than last week and my "double chin" when I do a selfie is almost gone! This might sound ridiculous, but when I suck in really HARD you can see my ribs haha. I don't want y'all to get the wrong impression from that comment, I mean when I say HARD, I take a giant breath, hold it in really hard and not breathe! Steven tells me I don't need to do that. 

So what have I been eating? 

Breakfast I have either egg muffins, hard boiled eggs or light muscle milk.  

Lunch is a hodge podge of things, sometimes I have a salad with a side of cucumbers and carrots with ricotta ranch dip. Today I had four slices of turkey, two slices of cheese, a handful of spicy pork rhinds and carrots. 

Dinner is ALWAYS low-carb! This is my favorite meal of the day so I typically pick something with cheese and chicken haha. 
Monday - vegetable soup
Tuesday - Asian chicken (in the crockpot) with broccoli
Wednesday - Veggie egg scramble + bacon

So.....there's the skinny on how the low-carb thing is going!!! Y'all keep your fingers crossed that I'm good this weekend while out of town. I just might sneak in a pasta dish ;)


  1. Go, you!! And I think that eating out on a diet is WAY easier that shopping/cooking - just know going in that you're following your rules, and all you have to do is order. Easy peasy!!

  2. Girl I am with you. Low carb is no fun and hard! Keep up the good work!!!