Monday, October 26, 2015

Greenville Girls Weekend!

While Steven was off galavanting for his Bachelor party, my mom and I decided to take a girls trip to Greenville, South Carolina! Greenville is about 2.5 hours away from home, but only an hour from our lakehouse, so we headed up there on Friday after I got off work.

Saturday morning the sun was just gorgeous coming through the trees! The leaves around here haven't began to change colors very much, but the reds and yellows were out at the lake.

After breakfast, we made a stop to pick the sparklers for our exit then headed straight toward the mall area! I just love going in other TJ Maxx's and this one did not disappoint! I picked up these great camel colored Coach loafers and they are so comfortable, I wore them around the store while we shopped haha! We headed to the mall next and shopped til we dropped. Now did we buy anything really wedding related (hence why we were shopping) no, but I did pick up these Lilly shorts at 65% off! I mean, when Lilly is on sale like that, you buy it!
My credit card was hot from all the swiping it went through in such a short amount of time, so we decided to go check in and relax before heading to dinner! We stayed at The Westin Poinsett in downtown and I WILL be back!!
In the past year we have stayed at a few nicer ( The W, Embassy Suites ) hotels, but I would give this Westin a "diamond" award! Really though, I felt like the staff went out of their way to help us, the room was very nice and they even comped our parking when I mentioned that the air conditioning squealed in the middle of the night when I turned it down. I am not one to complain, and I might not have, however lets say you booked our same room for more than one night, the squealing would be an issue.

After checking in we opened a bottle of wine and relaxed for a little while. This past week I received several quotes from liquor stores in our area for all of our wedding booze. We knew that there was a particular red that we wanted to serve (Menage a Trios) but we were open to suggestions as to the other red to serve. Bogle Merlot as one of the recommendations and that was what we sipped on in the room. I'm hooked! Pretty sure this is my new favorite wine!!

We made reservations at High Cotton for dinner. The restaurant is two levels and we were seated in the upper level so we could see the river. We had impeccable service and the food was delicious!! I would highly recommend this restaurant if you're in Greenville. Once our meal was finished we got suuuuppppppper crazy. Just how crazy you ask? We went back to the room, put on our pajamas and finished that bottle of wine in bed! LOL.
When the alarm went of Sunday morning, I did not want to get up. There is a reason why they call it a "heavenly bed"!! We got ready for brunch and checked out so that we could explore afterward. I have two friends that I went to high school with who live in Greenville, so she made a few recommendations of places to go, and one of them was Tupelo Honey. Y'all....I was in a food coma when we left! I don't know if it was just because we were STARVING or if the food was that good, but I will eat there again for sure!

Afterward we ventured into downtown and went into a few boutiques and went back to the river area for a few photos!

The closest Olde Time Pottery to us is about an hour and a half away, well there is one in Greenville and it was close to the mall, so you can be rest assured that we stopped on the way back!!
It is not even a Halloween and I'm thinking about Christmas! Last year's tree was decorated at the last minute and I was not too crazy about it. However, we also moved into our house eight days before Christmas, so that had a little bit to do with it. This year's tree and overall Christmas theme at #clubcaudellcircle is "Red & Green Whimsy". I love the idea of reds, greens and glitter with a few polka dots and some candy canes thrown in! Since we will miss the whole first week of December because we'll be on our honeymoon, I've got to plan ahead. My mom and I are going to "cash and carry" later this week at the Apparel Mart in Atlanta to start shopping for Christmas gifts! Nothing like throwing a whole lot on our plates just 19 days before the wedding ;)

It was a great weekend and I am so glad to have had that time with my mom! Steven felt like a "million bucks" when I got home last night so we just hung out on the couch until it was time to go to bed. If you're looking for a great little getaway, I recommend looking into Greenville! Plenty of place to sip and dine all within walking distance!! I am already looking forward to taking Steven one weekend for a great romantical getaway!

I hope everyone had a fab weekend!


  1. Oh i just LOVE greenville! We get there pretty often (my bestie lives there and it's only 1.5 hours from here). Tupelo Honey is SO SO good! We recently went for dinner and oooooh man that biscuit made me want to go for brunch the next day!

  2. AHHHHHH! High Cotton and Tupelo are two of my favorites. Actually, I don't think there is a restaurant in Greenville that I dislike.