Monday, October 12, 2015

Weekend Rewind

Hey pretty people!! How was your weekend? Ours was great and jam-packed with going ons!

As I mentioned in last week's posts, I was quite nervous about my wedding band. Steven had Friday off so he went to pick it up. Knowing me like he does, he came straight to my office with it so I could try it on.

And it is perfect!

Y'all this was the BIGGEST sigh of relief knowing that it fit. The ring is also perfectly I am not sure where the "oval shape" came in to play. I was probably told that because I might have been being difficult in the jewelry store and almost cried....imagine that ;) Now I just have wait patiently for 32 days until I get to wear this beauty all.the.time.

After I got off work Steven and I headed out for Happy Hour and to look at a piece of real estate we might buy. We are very, very excited at the prospect of being able to buy in our ideal neighborhood, we are also nervous as all get out, because if we buy this house we will be doing a complete renovation. Do you watch Flip or Flop on HGTV??? Like that kind of renovation! Y'all pray for our sanity if we move forward with this plan LOL!
I got up bright and early on Saturday morning to head to Atlanta for my last bridal shower! This shower was with my dad's side of the family and Steven's side. We receive a lot of really nice gifts, but I was very excited to open our Juliska toasting flutes from my mom and my aunt gave us a piece of our monogrammed Pickard china! 
Steven's Aunt Patrise, my mom, Steven's Mom and Steven's Sister
I do not get to see my dad's side of the family often, so it was great to get to see everyone before the wedding! Shortly after the shower was over, I headed home to get ready for Carey and Ben's big evening!! It poured rain Saturday morning, but around 4 o'clock it stopped and they were able to have their ceremony outdoors! It was beautiful!!!

There was a football game going on......
Amelia and I
We danced the night away to the sounds of Ansley Stewart and The Replaceables and sent the Bride and Groom off with a sparkler exit! All of our friends kept telling us "you're next" :) Ah! So hard to believe!

Sunday we lounged around and I finally found the motivation to leave the house to go grocery shopping. WOOF. Everyone and their brother was at Wal-Mart yesterday evening which made the Wal-Mart experience even more painful! With just a few short weeks to go, we are starting a low carb diet.
After I got home, I chopped and washed and packaged until my hands were irritated from washing them so much! It is always easier to "diet" when items are ready to go in your fridge. Not to mention I have league this week and on Tuesday we have our final marriage counseling sessions, so the more I can get done on Sunday, the better!

Around #clubcaudellcircle we love eggs! Seriously, any way you can cook them, we'll eat 'em! So I whipped up some "egg muffins" for easy grab and go breakfast items this week! Before I went to bed last night I measured my waist. We don't keep a scale around the house because I don't have a healthy relationship with one, so I have to go off of inches when it comes to weight loss.

I will be sharing this egg recipe tomorrow along with this week's menu plan! Do any of y'all go low carb? Any tried and true recipes? Share with me!! I would love to read them!

Here's to having a good week!


  1. I'm so glad your wedding ring worked out! Funnily enough, the original band I ordered ended up not working out because it was an oval when it got resized and wouldn't line up properly with my engagement ring. So it IS possible, just glad it didn't happen to you :)

  2. Its perfect! and I make those egg muffins all the time. and buying another house!?

  3. I love your rings! Im so glad the band fit so well :)