Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Current 411

Today's post idea taken from Pinky and Mrs. Laura Beth

The current 411:

Reading - Nothing. I haven't even touched my September Vogue or InStyle :/ 

Anticipating - Getting my wedding band back. I have super small fingers (size 4.5) and the ring we ended up purchasing was a size 9. Long story short the wrong band was ordered, the only other band that matched my ring was out of our price range and so we ended up purchasing an "estate" piece AKA used AKA vintage AKA whatever you want to call it. The ring could not be any more perfect, the diamonds match exactly and it was a hell of a deal!! However, why I am nervous is that since the ring has to be dramatically sized down, they told me that it might be more of an oval shape, not round, meaning it might not fit directly under my engagement ring. Steven is going to pick it up on we shall see. 

Buying - I hit the local TJ Maxx on Sunday and I found three great items! A black long sleeve shirt that could be dressed up or down. A camel colored tunic sweater to replace the one I gave away that was looking tired! And a long sleeve, patterned dress that looks perfect with booties! All for $60! 

Praying - For everyone in South Carolina. Such devastation. 

Listening - Wildest Dreams - On repeat! Officially a Tay Tay fan now! 

Watching - Castle, Greys and last night we started Bloodline on Netflix. 

Devouring - Food. Just give me all the food! 

Loving - I have found all the elements that I needed for my bridesmaids gifts! Crossing that off the list! 

Hating - The way our house smells. We've got a moisture issue and sometimes our house just smells funky. Like I can't describe the smell....BUT our clothes do not smell, nor does our bedding or the sofa, its just something that lingers in the air. However, when I burn my Autumn Leaves candle, the smell goes away :) 

Wanting, Hoping, Wishing - PERFECT weather this weekend for our friends Carey and Ben's outdoor wedding and reception! 

Feeling - Alllllll sorts of feels! No one word can describe it. 

And because no post is complete without pictures. Here's a random mix from my phone... Cornflake trying to hide her embarrassment as the Dawgs got their behinds handed to them on a silver platter Saturday. A really, really, really scary piece of 5 Points real estate we're looking into buying. Lastly, I was devastated when I saw this the other day....someone already has my license plate! On the same car as mine too nonetheless ;) LOL. 



  1. Ahh! Exciting & nerve wracking about your ring!! I hope it comes back just perfect!! Are y'all buying that house to flip!? Holy landscaping... If you can even call it that!!!

  2. Good luck with your ring! I am sure it will turn out perfectly. My fingers are also a 4.5 so I completely understand the difficulty in getting the size right. As for the moisture, we used to live in a townhouse with terrible moisture issues and I know exactly what you mean about the smell. I love the DampRid bags for closets (really anywhere) to soak up moisture. They also smell nice and fresh, too. I get them at Target, but I am sure they have the other places as well.