Friday, October 2, 2015

Hello October!

Guess what? It is still raining in Georgia, and thanks to Hurricane Joaquin Pheonix as Johnny Cash in his drunk days....the forecast is saying that we will not see the sun until Wednesday! WOOF!

But I am trying to not let the weather get me down! I've got on boots and a sweater today, chili is whats for dinner tonight and I'm looking forward to a weekend with my honey!

Last month I shared with y'all my FOUR GOALS that I wanted to accomplish. Let's see how I sized up:

1) Make two freezer/crockpot meals - I froze some leftover taco soup and spaghetti sauce, does that count???? 
2) Make a Life Binder - HA! We went to Target and Office Depot to buy the file folder, etc etc to make this and somehow we wound up at Kirklands buying home decor and Petsmart getting Cornflake a new collar and treats. I would say this counts as a "fail". 
3) Finish the yard/landscaping - 50/50. We mulched one of the two beds in front of our house. I dug up the impatients I planted and are waiting for it to get a little colder before I plant some pansies. I am hoping that we can finish this project next weekend if it isn't raining, then a week or two before the wedding, we're going to have a landscape company come trim back the shrubbs for winter and spruce everything up!

4) Purge my second closet - HA! I do need to finish this though. Steven and I are starting a budget this month and my clothing allowance is only $50 a week.... hopefully I won't go too crazy and fill it back up! 

I would love to set some goals for October, however, I want to be realistic and with the wedding coming up it is just not practical. I guess you could say that my "goal" is to do my best with sticking to our new budget! Cough Cough. An update to come on that later!!

Bring it on October! I am (really) ready for you!

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  1. We had a cool down here in Alabama, too!! Loved busting out the boots for the first time since spring!! :)