Wednesday, September 9, 2015

September Goals!

I am not one to wish away the days....but I am sure am ready for September 15th! Hello PSL! You can be rest assured I will be "one of those" people that sits in the Sbux line for 30 minutes waiting for my that latte. From September-December, Sbux gets more of my disposable income than I like to admit haha!
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But moving on from that, there a few things that I would like to accomplish this month. Here they are in no particular form or fashion:

1) Make two freezer or crock pot meals.
My mom has said that she would like to do this too! So we're thinking about making a girls night out of it and buying all the materials and sipping on some vino while making them. Any suggestions/tips for us?

2) Make a 'Caudell' life binder/file system.
We each have a drawer and cabinet in the kitchen for all of our "paperwork", however, we are both paper hoarders and we have a lot from years past. I want to make it a goal to toss whatever is no longer necessary and start keeping our files/statements/documents in better order. That way if we need something, we know right were we can go to get it.

3) Yard work.
Now this is more of a Steven and I kinda thing, but our yard has gotten a little unruly. We need to kill some weeks, cut back some of shrubbery and I need to dig up the impatients that I planted at the beginning of the summer. They are still living (mostly :/) but since they're hot pink I would like a fall color. Perhaps some mums or pansies. It is a little too early for pumpkins, but I love this look! Painted pumpkins might be my jam this year!
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4) Finish the closet purge!
I finished one side of my closet, and I started on the other. I would like to finish that, clean out my shoes and consign the two purses that I have, that I no longer carry. It felt so great to clean it out!! Not to mention, we might need the extra storage space with all of our wedding presents.
These are my four goals and I'm sticking to them!! Famous last words of course ;)

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  1. Go you for making public goals. I need to do it so I can stick to them.