Tuesday, September 1, 2015

A Look Back at August

Wait? August is over?

It's cool, you're not the only one saying that! This month has gone by at warp speed. I wanted to write some kind of reflection post that was awesome and would make you sooooooooooo ready for fall. But guess what, I keep things real around here and I just wanted to give some Praises! to the big man upstairs that I even made it through August. Without going crazy....

What you didn't see on GG is that I had two medical procedures early in the month. After one procedure I ended up getting an infection and had to go back to the doctor which lead to another few days out of work.

What you didn't see was the argument we got into over the kind of health insurance we will select next year that will hopefully not break our wallet. More than likely, I'll be seeing some of these same doctors again. Damn.

What you didn't see is that I "lost" a pillow in our house. Not just any sized pillow. A Euro pillow. Y'all, I literally thought that I was loosing my mind. Loosing my mind. How do you loose a f**king pillow???? Right. I didn't loose the pillow. Said pillow, was behind the bedroom door. Well the pillow and the door and the wall are all a nice creamy color.

Enough of all that mess! Its a fresh month, which means a fresh start! Before we dive head first into the 1,000 pages of our September Vogues, I want to share a few of my favorite pictures from August!

Color coordinated roadie+mani+dress.....My sweet niece in her flower girl dress....Ashley's brutal honesty...."Mom, that is not milk in your glass"....that "wifed up" bling....Now we know why that plant is always flat in the middle....Covering up head piece after my hair trial....All my beautiful friends at Threads of Hope benefiting Hope Haven of Northeast Georgia.


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  1. this is great, and i think so because i've lost my dang mind lately too! I'm blaming mine on being thirty this sunday. you have a completely valid excuse though. :) hope the wedding planning is going well!