Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Workout Wednesday!

Hey pretty people! How are we on this fine Wednesday morning? I'm doing great, although I could have really gone for an extra shot of espresso this morning ;)

It's no secret that I am getting married in about 80 days. So nothing like waiting until the almost last minute to start working out, right? Initially I thought about joining one of the two local gyms. However after having been to both places, I decided that I would try the working out at home route. Why that route?

Well, my first job was at The Omni Club in college. I worked there for almost two years and then proceeded to be a member until we moved in December. So when you know a gym like the back of your hand, its home, everything else pales in comparison. Click here and you'll see why...

Last week I headed to Wal-Mart and picked up two sets of dumbbells. 2 LBS to carry when I walk the neighborhood, 5 LBS to work out my arms. If you check out my Pinterest page, you'll see that I have 50 million, bajillion workouts pinned. If only pinning the workouts made you skinny instead of actually having to do them haha! And the clothes you pinned wound up in your closet!
My arms and back are really all that will be seen in my dress. Granted, you can't just "work out" one part of your body and expect excellent results. So I have chosen the following three workouts to help me tone up!

Bodyweight Pyramid - via Kama Fitness 

Tone those arms! - via PopSugar

The 7's via Tone and Tighten 

My thought process is.... 30-45 minutes of cardio everyday. No excuses. Then integrate these workouts on M-W-F then switch to S-Tue-Thurs every other week. I talk a big game, so y'all are going to have to keep me motivated! #nobatwings #nobatwings! 

What keeps you motivated to work out at home? Do you write it in your planner? Set daily reminders on your phone? Share with me! I would love to hear!

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  1. Doing the same thing!!! Cardio everyday and arms most days, and every other day legs! #nobatwings #reducethunderthighs