Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Hey There!

You'll be happy to read that I have not been carted off to the looney bin! Well, at least not this week :)

We have been super busy around these parts! We have shopped for wedding bands, made the first payment for our honeymoon, my mom found her dress, I finalized our invitation design and we've celebrated a 1st and 30th birthday! And if that wasn't enough.....we've decided that we're ready to buy a house in Athens, so now we're in the real estate market too!

This weekend we do not have any plans and I am looking forward to relaxing at the lake before our social calendar kicks into overdrive!

Wedding Bands:

We initially thought that we were going to have to have my wedding band specially made. Steven had the band of my engagement ring designed, and due to the width underneath of the point (that doesn't make sense but its hard to explain?), we were afraid that a band would have to be very, very thin. Lucky for his wallet, that is not the case! When we tried on rings, there was one in store that fit just right. Steven has such large hands that they did not even have a band large enough for him, but there was one that was pretty close so we can "see" what they will look like!
Do these rings make us look married?!?!
The Dominican Republic:

I know that I've shared that we decided to go to the DR, but last week we finalized our flights and resort AND paid the reservation fee! I hate to say "we've had so much going on" because that is a tired statement, but it is true. My pocketbook hurt a little when we made the payment, but I keep reminding myself that through all this stress, this trip is going to be so worth it! We are leaving the weekend of Thanksgiving, so we'll have three days off before we leave to give us ample time to pack and relax. We'll be returning on a Friday, that way we'll have a few days to re-charge once we're home and kick off Christmas!! After we finalized everything, we headed to Marker 7 in Five Points for a celebratory cocktail!

Jackie's Dress:

If you ask my mom, she will tell you that she tried on more Mother of the Bride dresses than I did wedding dresses! When I think about it, I believe she is correct! I know that we visited over 12 places for her to try on dresses. Her birthday just must have been "her lucky day" because we visited a local boutique called Sonia Says and she the dress! It was on the mannequin when we walked in and it took my breath away. She walked out of the dressing room and it fit her like a glove and the color was just perfect!!!!!!! I am excited for her, she is going to look beautiful!

The Invites:

I am so blessed. The minute that I walked into Plain Jane and sat down with Sallie, I knew I was in good hands. Not only has she walked me through this WHOLE process, she has also become my friend! Words cannot express how lucky I feel, when I call her up to get something changed and she does it in an instant. And...it doesn't hurt her feelings haha! She is a wonderful designer and I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of the paper!! Below is one of the "mock-ups" that was made before I chose the design.

Our good friends Josh and Amanda had two celebrations this past weekend. The first, their son Asher's first birthday party! The second, Josh's 30th birthday party! Asher was born two days before Josh's birthday. We spent all day Saturday with friends and family celebrating both of them. Steven and I bought Asher a talking chair and spatulas. Spatulas you ask? Amanda told me that he is into everything and while browsing the kitchen section in Wal-Mart I found these soft-coated utensils (in blue too!) and I though they made the perfect gift! I told her that she cannot get upset if his little chair starts talking in the middle of the night, haha! Luckily, she told me it has an off button!

The Real Estate Market:

Someone needs to write a book that tells you how to how not get emotionally attached to houses while shopping. We received an email on Sunday letting us know that a house within our "parameters" was on the market....I fell in love almost immediately. 3 bedroom, 2 bath, partially finished basement, recently renovated kitchen - hello stainless and granite - 2 car garage, fenced in backyard, hardwoods throughout......You can see why I am already falling in love. Not to mention, this house is in a neighborhood is that is close to the new UGA Veterinary School, which in a few years means this house has A LOT of rental potential.

Yesterday, I did a drive by of the house. I can see us living there. Don't judge too hard by this picture, it needs some landscaping
 And now you're caught up with all our goings-ons!

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