Thursday, August 13, 2015

Wedding Nightmares

Steven and I made the choice to live together before getting married. Some do, some don't, it's just a personal choice. But as I lay beside my future husband every night, he peacefully dreams about cars, trips, brewery tours, winning the lottery and Corvettes. He also sleeps like a rock most nights and sometimes he even snores.

I on the other hand, toss and turn most nights. Steven tells me that I occasionally snore, but how does he know? He is over there acting like a rock! Haha. Well all that tossing and turning, it results in the sheet come up off the mattress. Uh yea. On my side of the bed, the elastic edge of the sheet is under my face most mornings. Heck, some mornings I am halfway sleeping on the mattress cover! And we have deep-pocket sheets for our extra thick mattress!!

Apparently wedding nightmares are a real thing y'all. For the past three mornings I have woken up to the sound of my five alarms going off, with the sheet under me and I feel like I am asking my brain "what the hell just happened?".

- My Maid of Honor's (who also happens to my cousin and lifelong partner in crime) boyfriends name is Josh Hall. Last night I dreamt that all of the wedding documents had his name on them. But said "Josh Hall" was not the real life Josh Hall, it was someone I've never seen before. Steven, nor Tara where anywhere to be found in this dream. I was also in bathroom that was painted red at some point in time during the dream....Here is a picture of the real life Tara and Josh :)

- Steven and I go to visit one of his groomsmen - Putnam - because he has just moved back to Athens. We get to Putnam's new place and it is not a house or a condo, but a retail space? In the middle of the space there are antiques? But the rest of the space he converted in a house. THEN we decide to leave and this space has turned into a maze and Steven and I wind up in The Netherlands. Sh*t you not. We leave Putnam's and wind up with pretzels being stuffed in our faces. How did I associate pretzels and The Netherlands? Damn good question.

- For some reason I walk in on entire bridal party, I'm the only one who is not in there, and EVERYONE has on nightgowns. Pink nightgowns with a bow on the top and a ruffle of tulle on the bottom. All four women, four men and Steven are wearing nightgowns....WTF. I guess my brain is telling me that I should have went with my favorite color - pink - instead of black for the dresses?

We are 93 days away from getting married. If this keeps up, there is a damn good chance that I will have to be committed. So.....if you're invited to my wedding and about a week before you get a "change of venue" announcement, don't worry, the wedding has just been moved to the psych ward.

Prayers please for a peaceful nights sleep!!! 

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  1. Oh my! I've been having too many work dreams/nightmares. I can't imagine when I get married. Ha. You're just working out all the kinks in your dreams before that actual day :)