Friday, August 7, 2015

Friday Five

Hey girl hey! Welcome to Friday! GG has taken a little bit of a backseat these past two weeks, but now that I am on the upswing of feeling better, I promise to be back with fresh posts!

Like always, its the Friday Five, so don't forget to link up with Darci, April, Christina and Natasha!
1) I mentioned last week that I was having some tests at the hospital on Tuesday. What I had done was a HIDA Scan. Basically, it is a test that determines if your gall bladder is functioning. So long story short, after getting an iv in my arm for medicine injections, I laid on a table for two hours (granted I got to watch TV) and had to drink a NASTY strawberry ensure and a technician watched my gall bladder attempt to function. I say attempt because it is not functioning. "Normal" is above 35-40 and my GB is at a 28. It could be worse, it could also be a whole lot better. Has anyone ever had their GB out? I honestly don't know what to do.

2) Several items from the Nordstrom sale and other purchases that I made are starting to roll in! Unfortunately, and this is why I HATE shopping online, nothing fits! This afternoon I sent back the jeans and booties (for exchange) and white top (for return). BUT I have decided to keep the tops from Dress Up!

I am vertically challenged AKA short. I stand at a whopping 5'2, so some tunics are more like dresses on me. The two tops from Dress up are too long, but I made the decision to have the black altered and I am going to leave the ivory top long. The ivory doesn't look bad tucked in the front, and surprisingly you cannot really see through the material, so I want to be able to wear it as a true tunic with leggings and a light jacket. The booties from express are FAB but they were too big! Still waiting on my other two tops to come from Nordstorm. Thoughts on the tunics??

3) My mom and I went to Atlanta on Tuesday to shop for wedding attire. One of the items that we were looking for are my wedding shoes. I found a pair of Jimmy Choos that are just to die for! They're also $975..... Yea. If they were black or nude Louboutins that I could wear all the time after the wedding, it would be a justifiable purchase. The chances of me wearing the JC's are slim to none. We did pop in Kate Spade and these pretties are definitely in the running though!!!!!!
I am just a little worried about the bow catching on the crenaline underneath. I guess the only way to truly determine that would be to do a test run of the shoes and my dress around my parents house haha!

For every shower/party we have coming up, I have been able to find a great white or ivory dress! The only wedding event that I did not have anything for yet is our rehearsal dinner. My mom bought me this KILLER Ralph Lauren jumpsuit and I am in LOVE. L-O-V-E! The hardest part is going to be resisting the urge to wear it before the wedding. Mom....I make no promises :)

4) Steven has been out of town this week for work. Well, I say out of town, he has been at my parents lake house as the bank he is auditing is only 20 minutes from there, verses an hour and a half from our house. Wednesday night I went up to stay with him and we had dinner on the dock and relaxed with a few beverages. We were saying just how lucky we were, because most people wouldn't be able to enjoy something like this during the work week. While he was getting ready on Thursday morning, I enjoyed my coffee on the deck. It was so peaceful!! I was able to clear my head and count my blessings!

5) The girls and I took a calligraphy class on Monday night! I was going to turn this into a whole Wedding Wednesday post, but that just didn't happen!

A) Calligraphy is hard. I now know why I was quoted $4 an envelope. B) I loved it! C) I will NOT be attempting to address my own envelopes. However, I plan to take two more classes and I am thinking about making my tables numbers! We will have about 30 tables for the wedding, so to me this sounds like the perfect opportunity for us girls to get together and make them!

And that friends is my Friday Five! I hope that everyone has a fabulous weekend!


  1. I wore those KSNY shoes in our wedding, and loved them! But, they did catch on my dress. It wasn't terrible, but I suggest testing them out to see how they work with your dress. I also wear them from time to time, too!

  2. I took calligraphy long long ago and it def is hard. takes a lot of patience and focus! Just found your blog :)
    XO Ellen from Ask Away

  3. Those jeans look amazing, need to add them to my Nordstrom account. And your mom was spot on with that jumpsuit! Hopefully you can hold out :)